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   Chapter 892 Being Partial

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For nine months, she had carried this bundle of joy and now, she just had the honor of meeting him for the first time. If she could, she wanted to see him longer.

"Okay, let me take you there now."

Terence smiled helplessly and began to wheel her out of the delivery room.

"Carla? Are you okay?"

As soon as Carla came out, Andrea closed in on her and asked.

"… Mom, you are here?"

Carla held Andrea's hands and smiled at her.

"You're my daughter. Of course, I had to come! But I'm glad that you're both safe and sound." Andrea felt relieved when she saw Carla was in good spirits after giving birth.

They knew how dangerous giving birth could be. There was always a chance for things to go awry. She could only pray for her daughter to come through the entire process safely.

"Carla, thanks for your hard work."

This time, it was Kaylee who greeted her. She held the baby out to his mother and said, "Look at our little master. Look at how good looking he is!"

When Carla looked at the baby in the blue swaddle, she couldn't help but feel emotional. Her hand caressed the baby's face gently. Her heart was filled with a soft and fuzzy warmth.

After she got back to the ward, Andrea went back home to make soup for Carla. Although they had a chef who would cook for her, she was still concerned and insisted on cooking for her daughter personally.

In the ward, Carla stared intently at the little boy in her arms, as if she couldn't see enough of him.

Terence poured her a glass of honey water and passed it to her. "Haven't you held him enough? I haven't seen you pay as much attention to me before."

Carla rested her head on one hand and looked at their little boy. He opened his eyes as a sweet smile appeared on his face. "That's not the same. He's my son. I waited for so long to see him. Of course, I should take a good look at him."

"Drink some water, honey."

Terence passed the glass of water to Carla and picked up the little guy. He said, "Let's see. I can't believe you suffered that much for this little guy."

He regretted getting her pregnant at the thought of her severe pain during the childbirth.

Then, he playfully pinched the baby's cheek.

Suddenly, the little baby burst into tears.

"What are you doing?"

Carla put the gl

and turned around. She continued to lift her clothes and started to feed the baby. "You are obviously partial to Sally, aren't you?"

How could he treat his children so differently? Their new baby was also his biological child.

"I don't mean that. If you are busy breastfeeding the baby, you won't have a good rest at night. You have to get up and breastfeed him several times at night. How can your body withstand it?"

Terence looked at his son in Carla's arms. It was his flesh and blood. Of course, he cared about him.

But Carla didn't have a good rest when she was in confinement in the BT Village. He didn't want her to go through that again.

"It will be better if you get used to it. I have to breastfeed our baby for at least half a year. And then we can maybe consider changing to milk powder. Maybe," Carla said, patting the baby's swaddle gently.

It was not easy to be a mother. How could she even think of her own comfort before her baby's needs?

"Carla..." Terence frowned at her stubbornness and sat down on her other side to force her to look at him. "It's okay to drink milk powder. Studies have shown it's completely acceptable for the baby's health and safety. I'm really worried about you not getting enough rest."

It isn't just for a day or two. It would take another half a year.

How could she have a good rest if she breastfed the baby?

"Well, Terence. Didn't you say Edmund had given our child a good name? What's the name?"

Carla ignored his words and deftly changed the topic.

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