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   Chapter 891 My Wife Came First

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The baby's loud cry saved the entire operating room team. They had never heard a sweeter sound in their life.

The director of the hospital breathed a sigh of relief. Thank God! Mrs. An finally gave birth to her child, safe and sound.

Otherwise, who knew what would happen to their fate in the hospital?

When Terence heard the baby's cry, the anger on his face immediately disappeared. He pushed the director away and barged into the delivery room.

"Mr. An! Congratulations!"

The nurse was about to tell Terence the good news with the baby in her arms. But before she could finish her words, he rushed into the ward without taking a look at her and the baby.

"Carla? !"

Terence looked for Carla, who was then about to get out of the bed. Seeing her safe and sound, Terence could finally let out a sigh of relief.

Thank God she was all right.

"Get out of the way!"

Terence said as he pushed aside the doctor. He lifted Carla from the bed and put her on the rollaway bed. "Carla, how are you feeling? Are you still in pain? Do you feel better now?"

Carla shook her head. She was a little weak but everything was fine. "No, it doesn't hurt anymore. Where is the baby? Did you see him?"

"He's with the nurse. I can see him later," Terence said indifferently. In his eyes, his wife came first before the baby.

Carla couldn't help but laugh.

"He is your son. How could you not want to take a look at him?"

As soon as she finished her words, Terence kissed her lips and said, "Carla, for me, you are the most important. You mean everything to me."

Terence cared about their child, too. But he would definitely choose Carla over the baby if anything happened.

Before her delivery, he had only one request to the doctor.

If anything were to happen, the doctor's priority was to keep Carla alive, even at the expense of the child.

Terence did not check on his newborn baby right away.

But he was sure someone else did.

Outside the delivery room

When Edmund learned that Carla gave birth to her baby, he and Kaylee hurried over to the hospital even in the middle of the night. When the baby was taken out of the delivery room, he was the first person to hold him in his arms.


As soon as Edmund held his grandson in his arms,

's happening outside? Why is it so noisy?"

Terence held her hand in his and wiped her sweat with the other. He said with a smile, "Your mom is here. She's helping you vent your anger."


Carla was stunned.

"Don't worry. It's Dad's fault, too. The birth of our son is like a slap to his face,"

Terence said indifferently. But no matter what he said, Edmund was still happy.

There could be nothing happier for Edmund than seeing his grandson in person and seeing the future heir of the AJ Group.

"Terence, please push me out. I want to see our son."

Carla begged, halting his hand that was brushing her hair. With all the commotion inside the delivery room earlier, she was only able to take a peek. She wanted to take a closer look now.

Terence pinched her palm and said, "No need to be in a rush, okay? There will be plenty of chances for you to see him. Here, put on a hat. I don't want you to catch a cold."

Carla put on the hat obediently, shaking his arm anxiously.

"Mr. and Mrs. An, it's about time. You can go back to your ward now. We'll still keep an eye on you. Don't worry."

The doctor heaved a sigh of relief. Carla's delivery wasn't even challenging but the pressure from Terence was more stressful than any case he had handled before.

"Did you hear that? Hurry up! I want to see my son!" Carla insisted as she held Terence's hand in hers.

Childbirth took out a lot from her but the prospect of seeing her son energized her. She couldn't wait to meet her new baby!

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