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   Chapter 890 A Prince Was Born

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8074

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Nobody could understand Terence's mood. Regret and self-reproach made him restless.

Carla knew how torn he was feeling right now, but her own pain made her unable to think of anything else. Heartbroken, she buried her face under her quilt.

"Mr. An, would you like to go out for a bit? Let me keep Mrs. Carla company, okay?"

the doctor said, looking at Terence.

No one could help Carla as she faced the pain she was feeling. Even Terence's presence couldn't make her feel better.

"No. I want to stay with my wife. You may leave us if you wish and come back later," Terence said in a low voice, staring forlornly at Carla who was burying her face in the quilt.

"Well, okay then."

The doctor nodded and said to Carla, "Stay strong, Mrs. An. Remember the trick I taught you to help reduce the pain. I'll come back later."

Then the doctor went out.

Lying on the bed, Carla took a deep breath, trying to reduce the pain.

It was a lie when she said that she didn't feel any pain. Experience and expectation did not help her this time around. It was true that she already knew it was going to be painful. But actually feeling how intense it could be was so different than merely thinking about it.

Suddenly, a pair of warm hands wrapped around Carla and gently embraced her. "Carla, if you feel pain, you can let it out. Don't hold it in."

Carla felt his familiar warmth. His soothing voice helped her feel ever so slightly at ease. She took a deep breath and surprisingly, the pain faded a little.

Terence put his lips on her forehead, soft as a feather, and trailed kisses from the middle of her eyebrows, to her eyes, to her nose, and then to her lips.


After a moment of peace, Carla cried out in pain. But soon enough, the pain in her voice was swallowed up by his kiss.

The pain hurt so much that she couldn't help but bite Terence's lips.

Terence slightly raised his eyebrows but didn't stop kissing her. He kissed her tenderly. Affection rolled off them like waves on the beach. Tenderness sprung between them as if it was tiny buds of flowers waking up after the cold of winter. His kiss brought to life her withering soul. It was touching. It was healing.

It was a deep and intense kiss.

It was a kiss that could made them leave everything behind.

Carla was stunned. The magic of his kiss, like a pain reliever, miraculously calmed her pain.


She must be in such a pain that she raised her head.

Terence clenched his fists, his eyes reddening. He continued watching Carla, who was suffering great pain. But one would have to be blind not to see the strength his wife, as she powered through each of the midwife's instructions.

Seeing how much in pain Carla was, Terence felt his body weaken. His knees buckled under the weight of his guilt. When was their baby coming out and why was it taking so long? "

Nathan! Where are the doctors in the hospital? How dare they call themselves as the best maternity hospital in JA City? Damn it!"

Terence couldn't help exclaiming at Nathan who was waiting outside.

"Go ask for the director of this hospital! If my wife can't give birth to our baby in ten minutes, I will tear this hospital down!"

Nervous, Nathan wiped his sweat silently and looked around.

"... Mr. Terence, the director is waiting at the door."

Hearing that, Terence opened the door and walked out. He grabbed the director's collar and asked, "What the hell are you doing? Why hasn't my wife given birth to our baby yet? She has been in so much pain since hours ago!

Let me tell you something. If anything bad happens to my wife, I'll hold everyone in this hospitable accountable! Especially you!"

"Mr. An, please calm down," the director said in a trembling voice. "Your wife has just been in the operating room for an hour. Can you please wait a little longer?"

Just when Terence was about to lose his temper, he heard the sweetest voice in the world.

A baby's loud cry pierced through the chaos of the room.

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