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   Chapter 889 The Baby is Coming

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"Really?! Let's go back and let the doctor have a look!"

Terence said as he bent over to lift Carla. At the last minute, Carla grabbed his arm to stop him.

"Don't worry, honey. I'm fine. I can walk back by myself. Besides, I don't think the baby's going to come right now. Even if it's already our second child, it will take longer for our baby to come out than you'd think."

Carla explained as she watched her husband fret.

"No. We must see the doctor right away!" Terence immediately took out his phone to call the doctor and told Carla to wait for them in the room.

They went back to the ward as soon as they were told.

The obstetrician immediately examined Carla, leaving Terence out of the examination room.

Terence, meanwhile, remained worried as he stood guard at the door. As soon as the doctor came out of the room, he rushed over to her. "How is she, doctor?"

"Mr. An, don't worry. It seems that your wife has finally gone into labor,"

The doctor took off her mask and calmly explained to Terence.

"Now, while she still has some strength, give her something to eat. I think the baby will be born later tonight."

Their second baby was coming sooner than they expected. Carla's suture had already loosen. At this rate, she was sure to give birth by evening.

People who had experience in delivery knew that there was a certain extent of suture that was necessary for delivery.

"What? So fast?"

Terence was surprised.

"Mr. An, don't worry too much. Mrs. An is ready. And it's best that we aim for a normal delivery." The obstetrician looked at him and comforted him with a smile.

Many women gave birth days after their due date. In these cases, they were required to get a shot of oxytocin or worse, have a cesarean section. If all these complications could be prevented, then it would be better.

Terence walked past the doctor and strode into the room.

Carla tried to sit up on the bed. She was already starting to feel the mild but steadily increasing labor pains. But for now, she could still handle it.

She wasn't expecting to deliver the baby so soon. She thought they had a few more days before she was due.

But it seemed like the contractions she felt when she was in the garden before were real and signs of the baby coming.

"Carla? Are you okay?"

Carla looked at Terence as she sat on the bed. Her husband looked more nervous than she was. She took a deep breath and pretended to be relaxed and calm. "I don't know. You tell me if I'm okay."

Seeing how Carla could still tease him, Terenc


Terence didn't go out this time. He held Carla's hand tightly in his and stayed with her.

The obstetrician checked Carla again and said, "Mrs. An, you're making good progress now. If you hold on a little longer, the baby will come out soon."

It would be their second baby now, so she had to go through the pain much earlier than other mothers. Some experts said that some women took two days to give birth.

"Why is it taking so long? Is there any other way? Do you have any painless method?" Terence growled.

His dear wife was in pain. And now, they were being asked to wait longer.

"Yes, we do. But we don't think it's necessary to administer the anesthesia to her now. And there's a risk in using anesthesia, too."

The doctor said with hesitation. Other hospitals might be willing to give their patients anesthesia without briefing them about the risks. After all, they got to charge more for that. But Mrs. An was not an ordinary woman.

Some pregnant women wanted to preserve their strength. Those who were in too much pain and couldn't hold on any longer would have more physical strength for the final delivery. However, there were some side effects.

Carla held Terence's hand and shook her head. "Terence, trust me. I can do this. Although it still hurts a lot, it's easier than when I gave birth to Sally."

After all, she already knew what to expect in terms of pain level. She could endure it better this time.

Terence's face darkened after hearing her words.

It was the first time he had seen her give birth and in so much pain. Knowing that she had already experienced this before without him was even more painful for him.

God knows how much he owed her! !

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