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   Chapter 888 Is The Baby Coming

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Terence asked Rainer to drive Sally back home, since he had to stay at the hospital and keep Carla company.

A lot of people were coming in to meet her. Exhausted as she was, she couldn't deal with them by herself.

As soon as Terence arrived, he permitted the helpers on duty to leave. As long as he was there, they didn't need anyone else. Besides, they needed to spend some quiet time together.

"Carla, what are you doing?"

asked Terence upon entering her room, seeing that she was walking back and forth in the room with her big belly.

"I'm exercising. I can't keep sitting all the time! Walking is good for the delivery," answered Carla. She was continuing to walk around in the spacious sitting area of the room.

She couldn't walk too far away because of her condition, so she kept circling in the same place.

Terence sprinted and reached her immediately, holding her hands. "What's the point of wandering around in the room? Let's go downstairs, so you can also get some fresh air."

"That's even better!" she said, keeping her hand on Terence's shoulder. She didn't want to admit it but she was already tired. Together, they walked slowly to the lift and got downstairs.

The hospital she was admitted in was a private one for women and children.

The facilities were first class, and naturally, quite expensive. The women admitted here were from the richest families of JA City and some of them simply came here due to its popularity. Everyone wanted to be associated with a reputed name, even if it was a hospital!

Downstairs, they saw a man handing some flowers to a woman who was being pulled out of the delivery room on a stretcher.

The woman looked pale and lifeless after giving birth, but she put on a sweet smile anyway.

Carla looked at them with an empathetic expression. "There are still some good men in the world...."

It was truly the most difficult experience in a woman's life to give birth. Carla could feel how important other people's support was throughout the process.

"Really? If you found out he had three mistresses and a baby with each one of them, would you still think he is a good man?" said Terence coldly.

He then put his arm around her waist and led her toward the garden.

Carla was stunned hearing this. She turned around and looked back at them.

She took a closer look at the woman's face and saw that she was actually quite young. Then her eyes darted to the man and she realized he was at least fifteen years older than her.

But nowadays, a large gap in age was not a big problem.

"How do you know?" She murmured as they entered the garden.

"This is JA City. I know mostly everyone and everything that happens here." said Terence flatly, shrugging his shoulders. He held her hand

sn't a surprise that he cared so much for him. Their relationship went beyond their professional life.

Carla was right. Terence admitted by letting out a small chuckle and then shut up obediently without further trying to defend him.


Suddenly, Carla felt a pain shoot up in her lower abdomen. She crouched down, holding her stomach.

Terence's smile faded as he bent down to see her face. "Carla, what's wrong?"

"Nothing, it's okay..." Carla waved her hand and continued walking with one hand on her back. It hurt for an instant, then she felt okay again.

"Babe, maybe we should go back. You should rest. Don't wear yourself out," Terence said, feeling sorry for her. She had been walking for quite a while.

Carla didn't disagree. She nodded and started walking back inside.

After a few steps, she stopped again. The pain came back even more intense than before.

This time, Terence got completely panicked.

"Carla, has your water broken?"

The coolness swept off from Terence's handsome face. His heart started to beat faster as he looked at her nervously, holding her with both hands.

Carla touched her belly and felt it get taut. She could feel the baby move inside, and every time it did, she had convulsions in her abdomen.

This was different than when she had given birth to Sally.

"I don't know...I just feel a little uncomfortable. I can't tell whether it's time or not,"

Terence lost all calm. He helped her sit on a bench and bent down to face her. He was sweating nervously but was trying his best to hide it.

"Okay, honey...stay put. I'll get a wheelchair from inside then we can call a doctor to your room. Stay here, don't move," said Terence, and ran inside. They had prepared a lot for this moment. As Terence ran, he thought about how intense the next few hours were going to be.

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