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   Chapter 886 Waiting For The Delivery

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"I will be with you all the time during your delivery."

Terence looked at Carla with concern and said determinedly.

Carla was not surprised at what he said. She looked at him tenderly and curved her lips. "Honey, you really don't need to worry about me. Trust me I can do it, okay? And besides, the doctor will help me. Don't worry!" Carla said with assurance.

"No way. This is my call. I will decide whether I will stay with you during the delivery or not."

They had discussed this earlier. But every time Terence mentioned his willingness to be with her during the delivery, Carla declined.

"Terence, why can't you trust me just for once?" Carla looked at him helplessly.

"This has nothing to do with trusting or not trusting you. I will be anxious about you throughout. I can make my mind be at ease only if you are in front of me." Terence said resolutely. This was the time when he began to understand what William had been going through at the time when Violet was giving birth.

Terence did not want to be in his shoes at any cost. He wouldn't sit outside the delivery room and panic all the time.

He couldn't rest assured until he had Carla right in front of his eyes while the baby was being born.


Carla started but Terence stopped her at once. "Okay, it's settled then. We don't need to talk about it anymore."

"I..." Carla was trying to say something else but Terence cut her off once again and changed the topic.

"What do you want for dinner? I'll tell the maid to make it for you. You should go to bed early today, baby. We'll have to leave for the hospital tomorrow morning."

Terence knew that getting into a discussion with Carla about the delivery would lead to more arguments. Hence he deviated from the point purposefully. Although Carla was confident about going through the delivery all by herself Terence was far from being calm. Carla was carrying the baby. But Terence, being a father was the caregiver. That was all he could do for the mother and the child.

As resolute as Terence was, even Carla was not ready to let go so easily. She said, "I thought Sean would be back by tomorrow. Shall we wait for him? Can't I go to the hospital the day after tomorrow?"

Carla held Terence's hand and urged. Sean had been away for almost half a year. She badly wanted to see him.

Terence stroked her head tenderly and smiled as he said, "Don't worry. I will ask Sean to go to the hospital directly when he comes back. We can't delay it anymore. We must go to the hospital tomorrow."

Terence pulled Carla close to his heart and held her in a warm embrace.

Carla opened her mouth to speak but finally decided to hold it back.

If Terence had made up his mind, it was indeed next to impossible to change his mind.

Carla remembered the time when she was just about to get into Yu Sea City, but he just stopped her anyway.

e to train hard. Army training is not all that easy on the body. Every day, you have to sweat it out under the sun all day long. The skin gets exposed to the heat of the sun as well as dust.

"I understand, but... What happened to your hands?" Being a sister, Carla couldn't help but worry about him. Her eyes tirelessly roved on Sean to make sure of his well-being. Suddenly, she felt something wrong as she pulled up his arm. As soon as she saw it, her face darkened and she looked at him in shock.

Sean pulled his hands back immediately, batted his eyelids and said, "Sister, it is just a scratch. I had an accidental fall while I was training."

"A scratch? You call this only a scratch?"

Carla stared at him with her jaw dropped, wondering why his wound was bound so tightly.

This young lad would never be able to fool her.


Since we are in the hospital, I suggest you'd better go to the doctor and have a thorough examination."

Carla said, and then she gestured Carol to go out and get a doctor for him.

"Sis, I really don't need it! The military surgeon at the Army base has taken good care of my wound. He has bandaged it. Besides, Terence has specially arranged someone to take care of me in the army. I'm really fine.

Won't he tell you if anything happened to me?"

Sean stopped her immediately. He didn't want her to make a big deal out of it.

"Carla, I'm here to visit you. You're about to give birth very soon. I'm afraid that I won't be able to come to see you after you give birth. Let me just stay with you for a moment, okay?" Sean explained.

Carla shook her head and said, "I know. But if the doctor says you're fine, I will be relieved at the time of my delivery."

Sean realized that he had to rest his case in the face of constant insistence from his sister. Failing to persuade Carla, he finally agreed to see the doctor and get a re-examining of his wound done.

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