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   Chapter 884 A Story About Paper Boat

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8491

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Time passed in a flash.

In the blink of an eye, Carla was already nine months pregnant.

It was her due date the following week and everyone was getting excited with every passing day.

Everyone in the Seaview Villa was counting the days to embrace the new member of the family. Sophie and the servants also had a permanent grin etched on their faces.

Even Sally would talk to Carla's belly every day after she got back home from school. She would always ask her mother when her little brother would come out of her belly.

Carla was like a national treasure that was safeguarded with utmost care. Everyone was following her at all times to protect her from all sorts of complications.

Carla could hardly go anywhere because she had to be cautious during this phase. She would only wander in the yard or inside her house.

Carla had not gained a lot of weight, but her belly was protruding out of her petite body, as if she was carrying twins. If the doctors had not confirmed, everyone would have believed that she was going to give birth to two babies.

"Aunt Carla, where is Sally? Where is Sally?"

Cody ran up to Carla and asked, jumping up and down in excitement.

"Hi, Cody! I didn't realize that you had come, honey. Sally is upstairs. Where is your mother?"

Carla gushed happily. Violet would often come to spend time with Carla as she was due to give birth to her child.

"Mommy is coming behind me, holding my sister. I ran quickly before them," Cody said, skipping up the stairs eagerly to meet Sally.

Violet walked into the villa, holding her baby in her arms. Carla turned around as she heard the babble of a little child.

"Violet, come and sit here!"

Violet walked carefully, holding her five-month-old daughter and sat clumsily next to Carla. "Carla, when are you going to the hospital?"

She was balancing her baby girl to lay her in a comfortable position. Violet remembered how painful her labor was. Just when she was thinking that everything was ok, her water broke before the due date and William was horrified and helpless at the sight of it. Because of this, Violet urged Carla to go to the hospital before the due date.

"I'm going to the hospital tomorrow. I still have about a week's time before my due date." Carla carefully picked up the baby from Violet's arms and began to play with her by making funny faces. The baby was amused by Carla and let out a chuckle, making Carla and Violet laugh.

Sally hopped downstairs along with Cody, waiting to hold her little sister.


"Hey, look... "

Sally picked up the paper boat and held it in front of Cody. "Cody, this is beautiful, especially the sail. I like how you have folded the paper. I know you have put a lot of effort into making this."

Sally's moods were erratic but she was never unreasonable. She regretted hurting Cody's feelings.

Her mother was right. She had gone too far.

Cody seemed to feel better when he saw Sally pick up the boat. He firmly held his tiny finger wrapped in band aid and pouted.

"You don't have to take it if you don't like it. Don't force yourself."

Sally understood that Cody was still mad at her. She grabbed the paper boat and placed it in front of him. "I'm sorry, Cody. Please don't be mad at me," she pleaded staring into his innocent eyes.

"You don't have to apologize to me. You are right. Your father has made a real boat for you. How will you like a paper boat?"

Cody said, staring at the paper boat. He knew that his uncle Terence could fulfil all her wishes and his gift for Sally was insignificant compared to his real boat.

Although the Qi family was famous in JA City, they were nothing compared to the An family. There was still a huge gap between the two families.

Sally looked defeated. She stood up from the stairs and walked to the garden.

"Cody! I've learned a new dance in my dance class. I'll apologize to you by dancing. Forgive me, please?"

She looked at Cody's sad face and bent over to take his hand.

Carla and Violet walked out and witnessed the adorable scene.

They watched Sally dance from a distance and couldn't keep the smile off their faces when Sally sauntered around the garden like a little butterfly.

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