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   Chapter 879 The Trip To Lover Island (Part Five)

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Meanwhile, In the presidential suite on the top floor

Terence's assistant came over, leaned in closer and whispered to him, "Sir, everything is going exactly as planned."

However, Terence simply raised his hand slightly, telling her that he was already aware of it.

A week wasn't really that long. The guests weren't able to get enough interactions during the day, so they had to make the most of the time they had at night.

Carla suddenly entered the suite, shooting Terence's assistant a quick glance. Then, she handed over the phone over to Terence and told him, "Here, she said she wanted to speak to you."

"Is it Sally?"

Terence softly said, looking at the cell phone she was holding.

"Yes, she said she missed you so much and she wanted to hear your voice," Carla said as she handed the phone over.

When he heard that it was his daughter who was on the phone, a great big smile crept onto Terence's face. He quickly grabbed the phone and sprung up from his seat.

As she watched the man exit the room to answer the phone, Carla discreetly picked up the well-hidden file under his book.

The moment she saw its contents, which happened to be the program for the show, she was taken aback.

Everything was going exactly as Terence had thought it would. From the looks of it, all the other guests seemed to be following a set script.

In there, she found out that other than Nathan and Rainer, Brian and Debra, and Steven and Cindy, almost everyone had a script.

'Are Debra and Cindy just following a script too?' Carla couldn't help wondering.

Otherwise, how else could such an event go so well and happen exactly as the program said?

When she turned to the page where Steven and Cindy were, Carla was so disappointed. In contrast with Brian and Debra's situation, Steven's wasn't going that smoothly.

Even from the very beginning, Carla had always thought that Terence was prejudiced against Steven and favored Brian more. And what she saw just now was proof of that. Terence had paired Brian with a famous star, while for Steven, he arranged him to be with Cindy, who was disabled.

He wasn't being fair.

When she heard Terence coming back, Carla immediately closed the script and put it back under the book.

"What did Sally tell you? I tried asking her so many times, but she wouldn't tell me no matter what."

Terence walked in and handed the phone back to Carla. Then, he put his

and very considerate girl. She might have a physical limitation, but she had such a beautiful heart and was so kind as well.

In just a moment, Cindy came over to Steven's side.

"Steven, is she a friend of yours? Would you like to introduce us?"

Cindy walked over and stood next to Steven, smiling at Carla.

"Carla, I would like you to meet Cindy Chen. She's my partner on the show." Then, he looked at Cindy and said, "Cindy, this is my friend Carla."

"It's nice to meet you!"

Cindy exclaimed as she reached out her hand and shook Carla's. Then, she turned around, straightened up Steven's wrinkled clothes and said, "Shall we go? The next round is about to start."

"All right." With that, Steven looked at Carla and said, "Carla, we'll be leaving first."

"Okay, then. Goodbye. I'll be rooting for you! I hope you can win the first prize."

Carla waved at them as they left.

Cindy walked to the venue side by side with Steven, linking arms with him. As they walked down the stairs, Steven tightly held onto Cindy's arm to make sure she got down safely. At that moment, they looked like a real couple.

As the two of them left, Carla turned around and looked outside. There was still a heavy downpour.

She suddenly realized that asking Steven to come here was the right decision after all. If he could really find true love here, wouldn't this trip be worth it in the end?

However, what she couldn't see was the way Steven turned around to steal one final glance at her as she turned around and walked away.

The smile on his face had disappeared, and his deep eyes were lost in thought.

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