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   Chapter 876 The Trip to Lover Island (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7818

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Everyone gathered after they all had changed their clothes.

The host announced, "Ladies and gentlemen, we will officially start our trip to Lover Island! Now, please note your own numbers and look for your other halves."

The crowd tittered, excited and hyped to try. Once the announcement was done, they quickly flitted around, looking for their partners who had the same number as them.

Brian looked at his own blue card with 19 written on it before he looked over Steven's card pinned on his shirt. He had a blue 32 card.

Brian would love to change his number to 32 just so he could be the match for Steven.

But he knew that was impossible.

It was very kind of Carla to help him invite Steven.

"While you're looking around, I'm here to announce the rules you'll need to follow!"

The host on the stage said as he saw people talking among each other.

"First, please be informed we are recording this event as a program. Please follow the rules of the game and abide by the contract we all signed before the event started.

And please respect each other. If there is anything wrong, please let the staff know immediately! Anything against the contract is forbidden. No coercing the other party to do anything against their will. Anyone who violates the contract will be liable to any legal consequences.

Everyone present here will only have one chance to change partners within seven days. Please consider this carefully before doing so!"

The host finished. Instead of joining the fray, Brian leaned against a coconut tree on the sidelines and watched the 50 pairs of men and women busily looking for their partners.

'I'll take it easy and wait. When everyone has found their partners, I'll see who my partner is.'

"Hey, Blue 19! What are you doing? I've been looking for you everywhere. Why are standing over there?"

The girl's number 19 card flipped around. She thought Brian was looking for her. But in truth, he was enjoying watching how things played out from out here.

In a daze, Brian pointed at the woman with the number 19 card. She was wearing a pink shirt, just like him. He thought for a long time before he said, "Aren't you... Aren't you that... What's the name again?


Right! You're Debra Sheng. You played in that TV series…"

Debra rolled her eyes at Bria

the only disabled person among the fifty pairs of people?"

"That's right,"

Terence said with a smile. There was no point denying it.

"But why did you set her up with Steven? You did it on purpose, didn't you?" Carla cried out.

Objectively, Steven was young and outstanding. At first glance, people would say he deserved better.

Did Terence have other reasons to treat Steven like this?

"What? Do you feel sorry for him?"

Terence looked at her with a smile and reached out to hold her shoulder. "Carla, I know Steven looks very gentle and polite. He is also pure and innocent.

And certainly, people will think that a man like him is easy to pursue. But actually, he is not. People like him are the most difficult ones to deal with.

He has been polite to everyone. And he seldom gets angry no matter what. People often take advantage of his sympathy as they deal with him."

Carla listened as she looked at him and said, "Sounds like you know Steven very well, huh?"

It seemed that he had been well prepared.

"I never do things I'm not sure of. Since Brian insisted on Steven coming, I have to do my homework."

Terence smiled and kissed her. "Honey, I know you think I'm being unfair to him.

But he has the right to make a decision for himself. We could only give him a chance. We won't and we can't force him to do anything."

Carla looked at him with a smile. She narrowed her eyes and asked, "Do you like putting everything in order?

What about me? Did you do your homework, too, when you chased after me?"

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