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   Chapter 871 I Can Change His Mind

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Time passed and the gallery was about to close.

Brian was still waiting for Steven at the gate.

"Why are you still here?"

Seeing that the man wasn't going to leave as he had thought, Steven walked over to him, frowning.

With the things he was given from the gallery in one hand, Brian placed his other hand inside his pockets, leaning against the wall. "I'm waiting for you," he said, looking amused. "Isn't it obvious?"

Hearing those words, Steven thought back to Carla questioning him that morning, about his relationship with Brian. It was as if she could feel that something was going on between them.

He couldn't really fault her for that, because he could feel the tension too.

Although Brian was protesting how he had done nothing wrong, the more he acted like this, the more his actions revealed his true self.

"Spit it out," Steven snapped.

Brian placed the gift bag on his back and wrapped an arm around Steven's shoulder, leaning in closer. "Let's have dinner together. I have something to tell you."

Steven shrugged off Brian's hand. "I have an appointment with the gallery staff tonight. If you have something to say, you can say it now."

Brian's ears turned red as he let out a cough. "Fine.

How many days are you holding the exhibition?"

Steven hesitated for a moment. "The original plan was a week, but it really just depends on the situation. A lot of paintings were sold today, so if the numbers are consistent for the next few days, the exhibit can only last four to five days at most."

He hadn't really prepared a lot of works for the exhibit, so if they were all sold out, there was no need to keep it open.

"Well today's Tuesday, and if what you're saying is right, then are you free next week?"

"Why?" Steven leaned back on the paved wall.

"There'll be an event next week on an island. The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, and you can meet lots of people to appreciate your work. It will be boring to go there alone, so I suggest we both go. What do you say?" Brian suggested.

"Take this time to let loose."

Steven's eyebrows shot into the air. From the way it looked, it seemed

ate each other towards their goals.

"Carla? Why do you want to paint again?"

Terence had just walked out of the shower in his night robe, tilting his head. "I heard you went to Steven's art exhibit today?" he questioned.

Just when she was about to draw, he came.

It had happened plenty of times before.

"Is there a problem?"

Carla sighed, setting down the brush. It seemed that she wouldn't be getting any painting done tonight.

If Terence set his mind on disturbing her, she wouldn't be able to get anything done.

"Nothing. I'll introduce you to more people in the art circles when I'm free. If you don't have anything important to do, you can spend more time with them,"

Terence uttered, smiling. Carla didn't know many people in the arts circle, so he understood her yearning to meet more friends.

Carla was only ever interested in horse riding and painting.

Because of her pregnancy, it had become impossible for her to go horseback riding, so she concentrated more on painting.

"By the way, Carla, I have something to tell you," Terence said, pulling up a chair beside her.

"The media company of the AJ Group is holding a daily show in Lover Island. I decided to make it an internal activity for our company. I can use this to get Brian there."

"Really? What about Nathan, Rainer and Carol? Will they go too?"

Carla wrapped her arms around his neck and looked at him with sparkling eyes.

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