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   Chapter 869 Please Go Out!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7320

Updated: 2020-03-10 00:12

Trina just couldn't let the chance go. Her career would have been better if it weren't for Carla's meddling.

Many years had passed, but the pain was still there and could never be healed. She only had one chance in life and everything was already ruined.

"Really? Ms. Zhuo, have you forgotten after so many years? Did you forget what you have said and done?"

Carla said in a deceptively calm tone.

"Nonsense. What did I do to you? Did I hurt you or something?" Hearing this, Trina's face turned red in anger.

"Oh, really? Do you still remember what I was like at that time?"

Carla blinked her eyes and smiled softly. "I hurt my leg that time, so I was limping when I had seen your art exhibition. But the pain of it was nothing to the hurt your words against me had caused. You had a way of hurting me when I was at my lowest and took advantage of me.

Do you think you are pathetic now?

Do you know how the old saying goes, 'There must be a reason why the poor are to be despised?'"

Trina paled. Carla snorted and continued, "After all these years, you still believe that you were right, don't you?"

"Even if I had an argument with you at that time, you couldn't just ruin my career or my life like that! You are a vicious woman. How can you be a mother?

Huh! Look at you, so pregnant right now. I don't know whose bastard it is that you're carrying..."

Before Trina could finish her words, Carol slapped her.

Carol withdrew her hand and stood straight in front of Trina. She sneered, "Ms. Zhuo, I pity you for fighting against Mrs. An.

But now you're acting like a child. You deserve it!"

Trina covered her stinging cheek with one hand. Biting her lips, she was furious and glared at Carla.

"Watch your mouth from now on. Everyone in JA City knows that Mr. Terence An is the father of this baby. I'll forgive you this time. But if you make any rude remarks and slander Mrs. An again, you'll get more than just a slapping in your face. And don't say I didn't warn you."

With that, Carol took a step back and stood beside Carla.

Trina deflated after being slapped.

Clearly, Carla was a different person now, someone to be approached careful

another topic. "Why are you here alone? Where is Mr. An? I thought he would be coming with you."

"He is busy," Carla said with a smile. Fortunately, Terence was not here today. If he was, God knows what would have happened to Trina.

Back then, Terence had destroyed Trina's reputation in the painting circle. Carla couldn't imagine what Terence would do to Trina now after that confrontation.

When she was about to drink her glass of juice, Carol surprised her by taking the glass.

Carol turned around and fidgeted with the glass before giving it back to Carla.

"I have tested the temperature. It's safe. You can drink it if you want,"

Carol said before leaving.

Carla gave a little cough. Well, that was a little embarrassing.

Steven could see Carla's embarrassment. "No matter what happened, I was wrong. I trusted the wrong person. Now that you're pregnant, don't take it personally."

"I know. I'm not worried. I know what's good for me and the baby. I won't take it seriously," Carla said indifferently as she took another sip of juice.

Besides, Trina wouldn't get anything out of her. She had no reason to take it seriously.

"Anyway, there's one thing I've been meaning to ask you. What's the relationship between you and Brian?"

Carla already knew that Brian was gay, so she was a little worried about Steven's sexual orientation.

After all, he was a good man. It would be a waste if he decided to be with Brian.

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