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   Chapter 868 An Encounter Between Enemies

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7022

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Even if the woman turned into ash, Trina could still recognize her.

Some years ago, Carla had broken her trophy, ruined her art exhibit and put pressure on her in every possible way, making it impossible for her to gain a foothold in the art circles.

Her big plan slowly collapsed. She was now doing the backstage work in exhibitions. Trina could never hold her own art exhibition now.

Carla, who was walking ahead, suddenly felt a prickling sensation at the back of her neck.

When she turned around, she found nothing suspicious in the bustling gallery.

"Ma'am, what's wrong?"

Carol asked Carla.

"Nothing. I thought I felt something but maybe I was wrong." Carla withdrew her gaze and continued to walk forward in a trance.

She continued to appreciate the paintings on the wall, taking in each and every one of them. Every painting had a theme, which would transition to the next theme, echoing a whole big theme. Steven had obviously put a lot of effort in setting the stage for his exhibit.

Such an arrangement wasn't hard to find out.

"Watch out, Mrs. An!"

While Carla was enjoying herself with each painting, Carol quickly pulled her to the side to avoid being run into by some people.

They were almost hit by a female staff in uniform who then walked away. Carol glanced at the staff's back and said, "Can you please be more careful when you walk? Didn't you see we were here?"

Everyone could see how heavily pregnant Carla was, unless they were blind. People could see her figure from ten steps away and would sidestep around her to avoid bumping into her. Couldn't this woman figure it out?

"I'm so sorry. They are Steven's classmates, invited to visit this exhibition. I didn't see you because I have been entertaining them all this time. I'm so sorry!"

After saying that, the lady took a look at Carla and uttered in surprise, "Hey, isn't this Carla, Noah's fiancée?"

"Long time no see! Do you still remember me?"

Being reminded about her past, Carla frowned unconsciously. Then she looked at the lady for a long time and she suddenly remembered.

ly realized why everything was so familiar.

She remembered how Trina laughed at her arrogantly in front of Noah.

She guessed this was karma.

Even though she was a bit reckless and impulsive in her actions then, she still thought that such an arrogant person did not deserve to be called an artist and become popular.

"Trina, did you misunderstand something?"

Steven asked. It didn't sit well with him how Trina was treating Carla so disrespectfully.

"Steven, I didn't misunderstand anything! She ruined me. She not only smashed my trophy, but also burned my painting in front of everyone. She looked down on me and ruined my reputation until no one dared to ask for my paintings ever again!"

Trina continued to point at Carla, snarling as if she wanted to bite her to death.

"Yes, she was right. I smashed the trophy. I burned the painting. But why don't you tell everyone here the reason, Trina? Why did I break your trophy and burn your painting?"

Carla took a step forward and waved at Carol to calm down.

Back in HA City, Trina couldn't do anything to her. And she dared do this here at JA City.

"Don't confuse what's right and wrong here! We just met for the first time then. What could I do to you? Just because you were Noah's fiancée at that time, you took advantage of your power to bully others. !"

Trina said loudly, as her eyes began to burn with rage.

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