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   Chapter 867 I Don't Hit Women

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Carol then turned around and fetched a pair of boxing gloves for herself. She put them on and prepared for a fight with Nathan.

However, Nathan tossed the gloves away and said with disdain, "I don't hit women."

"So you think you're stronger than me?"

At Nathan's misgiving, Carol raised her eyebrows and stared at him with puzzlement.

Nathan glanced at her and said, "No, you're overthinking this. If I thought you're weaker than me, then I won't have chosen you to work with us."

With that, he turned around to open the door.

"Are you afraid to lose?" Carol looked at him as he opened the door and shouted loudly, "I thought you were a man of courage. Now I know you're not as manly as Rainer!"

Nathan slammed the door shut. Then he turned around to look at her.

Apparently, Nathan was provoked by Carol's words. Seeing his angry expression, Carol curled up her lips into a small smile. Then, she also took off the gloves on her hand and strode in front of him.

They stared at each other for a while. The energy around them crackled. Flurry of action from both of them as they matched each other caused a ruckus around the room. The pages of the calendar hanging on the wall rustled with the wind.

After several rounds, Carol waved her hands and took a few steps back, breathing heavily.

She thought that Nathan was not much better than Rainer. But now it seemed that she had underestimated him.

Comparing him with Rainer, Nathan was much more decisive and agile.

"Would you like to have one more round?" Nathan asked, withdrawing his fists.

With a defiant look in her eyes, Carol took a step forward and punched Nathan in the chest.

This time, Nathan didn't dodge. Instead, he stood there and received the heavy blow.

Carol was startled. She looked up and asked with puzzlement, "Hey! Why didn't you dodge?"

"It doesn't matter. Do you think that you can really hurt me with your small fists?" Nathan glanced at her with a scornful expression. Carol was indeed a good bodyguard. But as a fighter, she was still no match for him.

Carol looked at her fists. She was so angry that her eyes were full of burning fire. Just then, she lifted her leg to kick his crotch.

Nathan's face turned red. He didn't expect that Carol would kick him in his private parts.

"Holy shit! Carol, are you out of your mind? How can you be so outrageous?"

Nathan resisted the urge to cover his groin with his hands. Instead, he choked down his whimper and glared at her.

"You are too weak! We are fighting each other now. Why blame me for attacking on an opening when you are unprepared?" Carol said, glaring at him.

Nathan grew more furious after hearing Carla's words. He reached out his hand and tried to grasp her shoulder.

Carol tried to move out of his control. But Nathan didn't let up. Carol intended to kick Nathan's chest, but he q

the exhibition with her.

Carla was surprised when they arrived at the venue. She didn't expect that there would be so many people attending the exhibition on its first day.

Although Steven was still a pretty new and young painter, he was still Gary's son. Everyone knew that Gary was very influential and he had a wide array of connections. He would certainly ask his friends to attend his son's exhibition. It was just logical to expect so many attendees for this exhibition.

"Mrs. An, shall I ask the usher to inform Mr. Steven of our arrival?" Carol asked.

She was wondering whether it was necessary to inform Steven of their arrival. After all, Mrs. An was a distinguished guest and she should receive VIP treatment.

"Not now. I'm sure he's very busy. Let's go inside and have a look," Carla peered inside and said.

Hearing this, Carol hurriedly followed Carla inside. Carla was already five months pregnant and she needed to be extremely careful to ensure her safety.

After entering the gate, Carla saw several paintings in the main hall. She stopped to appreciate each artwork.

It had only been a few months since he did the paintings in BH City, but Carla didn't expect that he had improved so quickly.

She had to admit that he was really talented in art.

Carla believed that with his achievements and status in the art world, Steven would definitely become a famous artist.

Carla was attentively enjoying Steven's paintings hanging on the wall.

She didn't notice that a female worker of the gallery had passed by her side and stopped to look at her.

The woman in a suit that looked like a uniform studied Carla's form up and down. Soon, she recognized who she was.

After confirming Carla's identity, she couldn't help but sneer.

'Well, what a small world it is, ' thought the female worker.

She didn't expect to see Carla in this gallery after more than five years.

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