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   Chapter 864 Two Love Rivals

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7091

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But Terence insisted. They were already there and it was only right to go over and say hi.

"Shall we go?"

Carla held Terence's hand as they walked towards the restaurant across the street. She was tired after her shopping spree and decided to take a short rest, but Terence had already made his way over.

At that same moment, Under a black sunshade outside an open-air restaurant, the two men sat across each other.

Steven was busy looking at a painting book in his hands. Across him, Brian took a look at Steven before turning his attention to his cellphone.

In order to change Steven's impression of him, Brian had tried every means. Of course, Steven had to see the change by himself. This was the reason why Brian had changed the way he asked him out every time.

However, Steven remained unmoved every time they met.

Whenever Brian opened a topic for discussion, Steven would politely reply with a few words but hold himself back. He didn't go deep into the conversation. After he spoke, the atmosphere around them would become cold.

"Isn't that Carla?"

At Brian's question, Steven lifted his head up from his book to look around.

When his eyes caught Brian smiling at him in a mischievous way, Steven stopped looking for Carla. "Steven, you've always said that she's only a friend. If she's truly just a friend, why did you slightly panic just at the sound of her name?

Okay, stop looking. I was just kidding."

With these words, Brian straightened his legs out.

Just then, Steven stood up and looked at the direction behind him. "Mr. An and Mrs. An, what a coincidence!"

As soon as Steven finished his words, Brian burst into laughter. He pointed at Steven and said, "Really? You're playing this game now? I didn't know you've suddenly acquired humor, Steven.

Why would my boss come to such a crowded place? You're really…"


Before Brian could finish his words, there was a familiar clearing of throat from behind him.

Brian froze mid-laugh. His smile disappeared. He turned around and looked at where the voice came from.

He almost fell down from his chair!

d the hostility towards Carla implied something obvious.

Some kind of information was involved.

If it was someone else, he certainly wouldn't care much about it. But it was Brian, his excellent assistant. He had been assisting Terence for so many years now and he didn't want him to get trapped in the wrong relationship.

Brian was not stupid. When he realized what Terence was trying to say, he was stunned for a while. He thought he had discovered something and looked around in a panic.

"Really? So, many beauties will come? Then, I'll have to think about it," Brian changed the subject, smiling awkwardly.

Meanwhile, Steven and Carla were still talking about the art exhibition.

Finally, Steven couldn't help but stand up again. "Mrs. An, if you have time, you and Mr. An are welcome to visit my art exhibition. I really have to leave now."

It was just a short while and Steven was already very uncomfortable. He couldn't help but feel the sharp, heated gaze coming from Terence.

He didn't want to cause any misunderstanding between Carla and Terence.

As Steven prepared to leave, Brian stood up as well.

Seeing them leave together, Carla sighed deeply, mourning silently in her heart, 'Isn't it a pity that a good boy like Steven chose to be with Brian?'

Terence looked at her with his arms crossed. His eyes glinted knowingly.

"Honey, do you know something that I don't?"

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