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   Chapter 861 They Had A Fight

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"Yes, Mr. Terence,"

Nathan replied and immediately turned around to pass on his orders.


Carla stopped Nathan. She continued to face Terence while speaking to Terence, "Nathan, please stop the boat. I want to go ashore!"


Nathan looked at Carla awkwardly and then at Terence. "Mrs. An, Yu Sea City is a special area. We will need a pass to dock, and we didn't prepare for one before coming..."

"Really? Can't we just apply for one from here?" asked Carla, turning back to look at him.

She thought there might be a special procedure to follow in times like this. Since they had come all the way, she thought it was best to push a little and do whatever was needed to make it happen.

Nathan looked at Terence again, implying that he was the only one who could do something about Carla's request.

With Terence's status, he could make a phone call with a government official and they could go through without a pass.

That was the only way to make this happen.

Carla looked at Terence expectantly but the truth was Terence didn't want her to go there.

"Well, honey. I'm not God. My reach in only limited to JA City, I can't get you ashore without a pass," Terence said, shrugging his shoulders. He looked into Carla's dark eyes. He didn't like lying to her but he had to this time, since Carla had a tendency to get into trouble every now and then. Sometimes, he wondered how she could be so reckless as a grown woman.

"Then let's figure it out after we disembark. As the saying goes, you can only cross the bridge when you get to it. I mean it really doesn't hurt to have a look,"

Carla said, while looking up at Terence with one of her eyebrows raised. Carla wasn't someone who got convinced against her desires easily.

"Oh, honey. You are too optimistic! Yu Sea City is quite a violent society, and the people there have some really weird customs. For the sake of your own safety, let's just leave!"

said Terence, trying to talk Carla out of her wish patiently.

"Well, what if I insist on going?" said Carla, taking a step forward and looking up at him since he was much taller than her. Every time they talked, she would end up with a sore neck. Usually, he would either sit down or she would stand up on something. But this time he made no such effort.

Soon, Carla got tired of straining her neck.

"You can't. Nobody dares to go ashore unless I allow them," Terence spoke calmly, without sounding too authoritative.

Carla stamped her foot in anger and glared at him angrily. Terence stepped closer to her and put his hands on her shoulder.

"You won't stop the boat?" !"


he answered firmly but gently. Carla almost jumped in her place,

some difficulty and held both her hands.

"I'm fine, Sally. Don't worry. Keep playing, honey."

Then Carla looked away. Although Sally was her daughter, she didn't want to see her right now. Or for that matter, anything that reminded her of him!

"No, Mommy. You are not happy, I want to be with you!" Sally didn't want to go. She was more sensitive than most adults. As Carla walked to the sofa to rest, she followed her with her little steps. She wrapped her arms around Carla's knees, refusing to let go of her.

Surely she couldn't drive the child away, but she could prevent seeing Terence's face. Carla got up and locked the door so that Terence couldn't come in.

"Mommy, did you have a fight with daddy?"

She remembered seeing her parents talking on the deck a while ago. She even wanted to join them, but Uncle Rainer stopped her.

"…… No, honey. Daddy and mommy were just discussing something. We didn't fight. Don't worry about it, okay?" Carla held Sally's shoulders and coaxed her with a slight sigh. She felt exhausted already, but this was part of being a parent.

As soon as she finished speaking, there was a knock on the door.

"Carla, open the door..."

Carla clenched her teeth and twisted her mouth, staring at the door. She lowered her head and saw how Sally was eyeing her with her pearl-like eyes.

"Mommy, did you really not fight with Daddy? Then why don't you open the door?"

Sally asked, raising her head to meet her mother's eyes in confusion.

Carla rolled her eyes. How innocent was this child, and yet how smart! She cleared her throat and stood up reluctantly, finally deciding to open the door.

"What? What do you want?"

she asked through a small gap between the door and the frame, trying her best to see as little of Terence's face as possible.

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