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   Chapter 857 What's Wrong With You

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7400

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Carla stared at Terence's nervous face. His eyes narrowed when he saw Carla frown. His heart broke every time she became upset.

Not wanting to upset him anymore, Carla smiled and rubbed his eyebrows, straightening the frown that had lined his forehead.

"Okay, I won't be sad anymore. By the way, didn't you say that we were going to Auntie Diane's house for dinner? We are running late; let's hurry up. We shouldn't let her wait for us for too long."

"Okay, let's go."

Terence breathed a sigh of relief when he saw Carla smile and instructed Nathan to take them to Rose Garden.

Terence empathized with Carla as he understood that she was going through a sensitive period. Moreover, her beloved brother Sean suddenly left to join the army. Carla had too much on her plate and was bound to have mood swings.

After dinner in Rose Garden, Terence took Carla to the movies to cheer her up.

They watched a comedy and Carla's spirits seemed to lift up in an instant.

Carla was having a great time with Terence and was not in the mood to go back home.

She dragged him to the game hall and they ended up playing until late at night.

Although Carla was exhausted after playing for a long time, she walked out of the game hall with a big smile on her face. All her worries and troubles seemed to have faded away.

As soon as she got home, Carla soaked herself in a hot, relaxing bath, and headed straight to the bedroom.

Terence went to his study to finish some unfinished work.

Once Terence was done, he walked up to his bedroom. On the way, he cast a sly glance at Nathan who was looking grumpy. "Nathan, what's wrong with you? Why have you been looking annoyed lately?"

Terence sensed that something had been bothering Nathan for the past few days.

Nathan was standing vigilantly by the door. "It's nothing, Mr. An, I'm fine," he said curtly.

"Are you sure?"

"Of course."

Terence cast a meaningful glance and walked to his bedroom without saying a word.

Nathan was standing by the door with an impalpable expression.

When Terence walked into the room, he saw that Carla was curled up on the bed, waiting for him.

She swept Terence into a tight hug when he walked in

ner in the face.

He punched him so hard that Rainer fell backwards to the floor.

"Nathan! Are you crazy?"

Rainer was taken aback by Nathan's sudden move. But Nathan continued to stare at him, while clenching his fists.

He touched his nose and saw blood dripping from it. Rainer quickly sprang up to his feet and punched Nathan back with full force.

Nathan was quick enough to dodge his attempt by twisting Rainer's arm behind his back.

Rainer was not as strong as Nathan, and couldn't keep up with him.

But Rainer was not ready to accept defeat. He seized Nathan's hand and attacked him fiercely. The two of them were eager to defeat the other.

"Guys, That's enough. Stop it!"

Carol whispered under her breath, attempting to stop their fight.

Rainer grew angrier when Nathan dodged all his punches and blows effortlessly. He continued to try and hit the crap out of Nathan and was surprised when Carol put herself between them.

Carol, who was oblivious to Rainer's move, was stunned when a punch landed on her face.

Nathan grew tense and quickly pulled Carol into a protective embrace.

But Rainer couldn't suppress his rage and continued to punch Nathan's head, over and over again.

The commotion was too loud and the bedroom door sprang open.

Terence walked out in his night robe and stared at the three of them with a quizzical expression on his face.

"What the hell are you guys doing?

It's late! What are you guys up to?"

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