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   Chapter 856 Violet's In Labor

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Carla was shocked to see both William and Violet. But more than that, it was jarring to see Violet in pain.

William looked terrified, his forehead covered in sweat. In a panicked voice, he asked everyone he passed by for directions.

"Delivery room? Where is it? !"

Terence pulled Carla aside, making room for them before he pointed them to the direction of the delivery room.

William didn't stop and rushed to the left, Violet still in his arms.

"Where do you think you're going?"

Terence asked, raising his eyebrows. Carla was about to follow William but before she could, he managed to grasp her hand.

"Violet's in labor. The baby is coming! I am going to have a look. We can't just leave her like this, can we?"

Carla pulled away from his hold and headed to the delivery room.

His wife looked determined and arguing with her would be pointless. So he just followed her.

Violet immediately was carried into the delivery room.

William, out of breath, leaned a hand on the wall outside the room where his wife was. He loosened his collar and stared at the doors without moving.

He could hear Violet's screams of pain coming from the room. For several instances, William tried to get in but the nurse who was stationed outside the delivery room kept him from entering.

"Mr. Qi, please calm down. The doctor is doing his best inside, and there is nothing you can do to help!"

William could still hear Violet's groans. Every sound went straight to his heart. Mad that he was being kept away from his wife who was suffering so much, William grabbed the nurse's clothes and snarled, "I need to be in there with my wife while she's giving birth. She's in so much pain. She needs me. Let me in! I want to go in and hold her hand."

"Mr. Qi, please calm down. It is not easy for a woman to give birth to a baby. And it's normal to feel pain. Please trust your wife. She got this. She'll give birth to your baby safely."

The nurse tried to reason out.

By then, Carla also came over and tried to persuade William, "Mr. Qi, don't worry. This is Violet's second time. It will be easier for her than the last time. Try not to worry too much."

It was still a shock to Carla. She was just urging Violet to go to the hospital this morning and now the emergency she told her about had just occurred.

William heaved a deep breath and stopped his attempts to get in. Instead, he started to pace around the waiting area

you to be nervous?"

Terence could take a guess at what was on Carla's mind. His wife had just seen Violet give birth. Surely, she must be affected by the experience.

This was also the reason why he didn't want her to stay there.

Carla leaned her head against Terence's shoulder. Rubbing her swollen belly, she said, "Seeing William hold Violet tightly after she gave birth... Violet must have felt satisfied after everything she went through."

After Violet gave her husband another child, she received such tender care and love from him. Carla was sure that Violet was feeling warm and content in her heart. And in her eyes, that was what people called true love.

Hearing her words, Terence smiled and asked, "Carla, what do you mean?"

"Nothing. I'm just a too excited. I am happy for them. By the way, as you know, Sean has joined the army. Have you heard any news from him?" Carla changed the topic.

Time flew so fast. Sean had been in the army for a couple of days and nobody knew whether he was adapting well or not.

Terence held her hands and said with a smile, "Don't worry. It's been less than a week. I have arranged for someone to take care of him. If anything happens to him, I will know immediately."

Carla sighed, still listless. There had been an emptiness in her heart ever since her brother left for the army.

"Carla, don't be like that." Terence continued to hold her other hand as he slung his other arm around her shoulder, whispering, "You've always wanted to take a walk by the beach, right? I'll take you there tomorrow to relax. Stop with the long face, okay? It doesn't look good on you."

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