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   Chapter 855 Why Draw So Much Blood This Time

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With a runny nose and tears on her cheeks, Sally rubbed her cute face against Sean's chest. Looking at the little girl silently, he realized the neglect she had suffered and felt a little guilty.

"Uncle Sean."


"Please stay beside my bed and tell stories until I fall asleep every night!"


"You are not allowed to sleep if I am not satisfied with your story!"


Time flew so fast.

Another month had passed.

Violet had been bothering Carla these days.

She was due to give birth very soon. These days, she was very nervous and uneasy. Every time she called Carla to confide about her emotions getting out of whack, the conversation over the phone always lasted at least half an hour.

One morning, Violet's call awoke Carla.

"Carla, what should we do? Last night, I dreamed I was already giving birth and it was a boy. I was so angry in my dream, I almost threw my baby to the ground." Violet sounded annoyed. Since she discovered she was pregnant, she had been praying for a baby girl.

Carla was still lying on bed. Putting her phone on loudspeaker, she stretched a little before she yawned. "Don't be afraid. You can still get pregnant after that one. A fifty percent chance for each try, right? After all, Mr. Qi can afford to raise them all."

"Of course he can support as many children as he wants. But I'm the one who has to suffer all of this, from pregnancy to giving birth. I'm not a rabbit!"

Violet woke up too early that morning and was unable to sleep again. Calling Carla was a great way to get herself out of bed, and sharing her concerns helped ease her anxiety.

She remembered when she gave birth to Cody, she suffered a lot. She labored for two days and that experience almost killed her.

Whenever she thought of the pain, she felt scared.

Carla smiled and said lazily, "The baby is about to be born. Wait and see. You have to accept whichever sex it will be, right? How about this? If you give birth to a boy, you can give him to me. I have no problem adding another son to my family!"

"Please don't. That's not good. My Cody will marry your daughter and will be your son-in-law in the future. If this little one that I'm carrying becomes a part of your family, then that would be weird and messy."

'How could Carla come up with such a suggestion?' Violet thought.

"How about this? Carla, if I give birth to a daughter and you give birth to a boy, then they can be engaged when they grow up."


Carla stop

er. He frowned and asked, "Why do you need to draw so much blood?"

The nurse shivered in fear hearing the irritation in Terence's voice. The poor nurse stammered, "Sir, three tubes are needed this time because we need to do more tests on your wife."

"Really? You have taken too much! Are you sure that you won't waste even a single drop of blood?"

Terence asked with a serious face.

"What, what I... I..."

The nurse was tongue-tied by his question.

Carla turned and tugged at his sleeve. "Relax. I have plenty of blood in my body. It's okay to draw a little more."

"No, blood is precious for you, especially at this critical moment. It's not just you now. You also have to support our baby. How can you waste so much blood?"

Terence's frown deepened as he glanced again at the nurse. The nurse hurriedly put away the little vial that hadn't been filled, pulled out the needle from under Carla's skin and said, "Okay, okay...

This is enough."

After the blood drawing, Carla pressed on the swab and stood up.

Terence went outside to make a phone call.

"Auntie Diane, Carla and I will go to your place to have lunch at noon. Umm, make some duck blood soup. Carla needs that. It will be good for her."

Carla was amused by his concern. She didn't realize Terence would still remember how she praised Diane's cooking from before.

She had eaten at least three or four times in Diane's house recently.

After finishing the entire battery of tests, Carla was ready to leave the hospital. She made her way to the elevators.

As she got there, the elevator doors opened.

Inside was William, soaked in sweat with Violet in his arms.

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