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   Chapter 854 Sally's Outburst Of Sadness (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 5430

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Carla and Terence waved goodbye to Andrea and got into the car.

Sean had come to attend the wedding too. He wanted to go back to JA City with them.

To his surprise, as soon as he entered the car, Sally's face darkened.

Sally was purposely showing her discontent toward him, thinking he would offer to apologize, as she thought he ought to. But to her dismay, Sean ignored her.

"Carla, the last date for being admitted into the army has been decided. It will be after the new year, so that's when I intend to leave."

Sean didn't even glance at Sally and continued to speak only with Carla. Hearing his words, Sally stirred in her seat. Her heart seemed to pound in her chest, but she just closed her hands in two tight fists and controlled the urge to speak with him.

"So soon? Can't you wait a little longer?"

said Carla in a daze. She had made peace with Sean joining the army when he grew older, but he was already talking about it two years before the due time. How could she be happy with it?

Sean shook his head with a sheepish smile on his handsome face. "Carla, don't worry. Terence has arranged two men about my age to accompany me. Plus, they're already there. If I have any difficulty, they can help me, so don't worry!"

"I know, but you will have to endure a lot of hardships when you go there. Sean, you're only sixteen. You are too young for that kind of life! I'm not sure your mind can withstand it, let alone your body!"

Carla was still worried about him. Although Terence had talked to her before about this, at this point, she wasn't mentally prepared to have him leave.

ears like her."

Carla felt sorry for her daughter. After all, Sean was the only uncle who cared for her this much. If he left, she would lose a person who loved her unconditionally. It was natural that the little girl would be heart broken.

Kids are so innocent. For them being loved and cared for was the only thing that mattered. Only upon growing up would she learn about being ignored and distanced from people who loved her!

Sean looked at Sally, who was crying and peeking at him coyly. Wiping his own tears away, he burst out laughing. Finally, he slid closer to her and lifted her up, planting her on his lap.

"Yes, Sally! Your uncle was almost eaten by a wolf, but I survived and beat the wolf!"

Hearing his words, Sally, who was still sobbing, put her little hand on his face as if she was making sure he was okay and in good shape.

She stared at him for a while, and then poked him all over his face. At last, she pressed her face against his nose, forgetting all about how sad she was a while ago.

"It is you! You're the same uncle! My Uncle Sean!"

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