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   Chapter 853 Sally's Outburst Of Sadness (Part One)

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"Farrell, I'm serious this time. Isabella is a good girl. I don't want to break her heart!"

said Tristan, heaving a loud sigh and pulling himself out of her arms. But Farrell held him tighter than before, unwilling to let go of him. " to me and I will hear you out, but let me go. You are embarrassing yourself and making everyone here uncomfortable."

Farrell shook her head wildly, her vision blurry with tears. "Nonsense! This is all nonsense," said she, choking up on her own voice. You and I have been together for months now. You've only been going out with her for a few days...I don't think you love her more than you love me. I just don't believe it, no matter what you say!

I know you are only trying to punish me. Please forgive me. Please don't make me suffer! My mother was wrong. Don't forget our love just because my mother made a mistake, okay?

I have thought about this a lot, and decided to go against my mother. It's you who will live with me for the rest of our lives after all, not my mother! Please don't do this... Please stop the wedding!"

Tristan pushed Farrell's hand away from his arm. With eyes shut and lips pursed, he took a pause. Between that small while before he spoke, Farrell's heart stopped beating. What would she do if he still did not want her? "I am already calm. I've thought about it and I now know we aren't meant for each other. Please listen to me. We need to let go... don't make this difficult for me."

Farrell was shaking, unable to control her tears. She reached for his hands and held them tightly. "Tristan, I love you...I love you...

What would I do without you? What would I do?"

What Terence meant was that a smart woman knew how to tolerate a man but at the same time keep an eye on him.

"Wow, I sure am surprised. I never knew you had such a sharp eye to read women, huh?" Carla looked at him keenly, wondering where he had kept this talent hidden!

With a childish, coy smile, Terence put an arm around her waist and said, "Thanks to you, I have learned a lot about how to read a woman's heart. You know, you might not realize it but I have done a lot of work to know your heart better, which has helped me develop an ability to read women better!" He gently flicked her cheek.

"My are unbelievable!"

said Carla, chuckling out loud at just how smooth-tongued he was. They stood closer together and looked at the bride and groom on the stage admiringly.

From a little distance, a gaze remained fixed on Terence and Carla.

Noah was happy to see the two of them laughing and talking so happily.

'Oh, Carla! You're living a happy life.

I'm so happy for you.'

In the evening, Carla stayed in Andrea's house and left with Terence the next morning.

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