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   Chapter 852 Two Brides In The Wedding

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Terence remained silent. Carla looked at him in a speculative manner. Carla tried to read his face to gauge what was going on in his mind.

Carla had a very strong intuition that Terence was hiding something from her. A few nights ago, she clearly heard him talking with Bryant in the study.

She didn't have any clue about what they had been discussing.

But she realized that Terence was hiding the truth from her on purpose.

"Carla, what is it that you wanted to ask?" Terence stared into her eyes trying to figure out what was at the back of her mind.

"I want to know..."

Carla blurted out in an impulse but she paused midway before completing her words. Then she bit her lips and opened her mouth again to ask, "I'm asking you. Are you hiding something from me?"

Terence did not expect Carla to say that. He got choked for a while, and then he said, "Why do you say that?"

"Just answer me," Carla said in a point-blank manner while staring at him with a grim expression.

Seeing that she was getting worked up, Terence slowly moved close to her, held her waist and kissed her pink lips and smiled, "Well, what should I tell you, umm..."

"Just be honest with me, Terence!" Carla said with conviction. She was confident that Terence was indeed keeping something from her.

Terence smiled again and heaved a sigh. He knew that he couldn't hide it from Carla this time. Anyway, he didn't plan to hide it for long. After all, how long could he keep it a secret from Carla?

Although Terence was yet to get into the depth of the matter, he wasn't even sure how Carla would feel if she got to know the truth. Yet, he believed Carla was much stronger than he thought and was able to bear the truth.

"Go on! I'm waiting."

Carla poked him in the chest, waiting for him to speak up.

"Carla, I just came to know that your grandparents might still be alive." After hesitating for a while, Terence spoke it out. He then gently touched her hair and sighed.

Carla was dumbfounded for a moment. She pulled his hand away and looked at him in shock.

"What did you just say?"

Terence pulled her back into his arms. He caressed her cheek and said gently, "Carla, calm down. Yes, I mean your grandparents could still be alive. Maybe there was some kind of discord between your mother and your grandparents, hence she never mentioned them to you."

The shock on Carla's face was gradually transformed into surprise. She held Terence tightly and asked nervously, "Terence, are you saying that my grandpa and grandma are still alive?


usely as she was blocked at one end of the red carpet. With tears rolling down her cheek, she stared at Tristan, who was holding his bride's hand.

Hearing it seemed that someone was crying behind him, Tristan turned around and looked back. He was stunned to see Farrell in a wedding dress.

"Tristan! Are you sure you want to marry her? Will you really not regret it? Are you sure of what you are doing?"

Farrell shouted at Tristan.

Isabella squinted and let go of Tristan's hand. She turned to him and said, "Tristan, since she has come here, why don't you tell her the truth? I think it is important that you end everything between the two of you before you start your life with me."

"I think you are right, Isabella!"

"Go ahead! I have faith in you,"

Isabella said with a reassuring smile.

Tristan nodded at her and walked to Farrell.

As soon as Tristan came close to Farrell, she rushed to him and clung on to him with all her strength. It seemed that she wanted to hold him and keep him by her side!

Tristan felt embarrassed as he looked around to see all the eyes in the wedding hall fixed on him and Farrell. Tristan patted Farrell on the shoulder and said, "Please don't create a scene here. People are watching."

"No, I don't care. I beg you to think over carefully. Please. Marriage is a lifetime of commitment. You can't make a rash decision!" she shook his arm, and urged with an imploring look.

Farrell believed that he was angry at her and still hasn't forgiven her. She was convinced that she would be able to win his heart back if she apologized to him. That was why she showed up today. She had a strong faith that she was the one that Tristan truly loved.

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