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   Chapter 851 A Mysterious Gift

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7955

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"Honey, our daughter can afford to eat on a plate that is worth thirty million dollars. Three million dollars is no big deal. Nothing is more worthy than our daughter's happiness. She only deserves the best."

Terence shrugged casually as he smiled at Sally who was holding a plate in her hand, eager to play with it. He would do anything to keep that smile on his daughter's face.

Sally was still a little kid who was oblivious to the power and money her father had. She felt that everything in her house belonged to her, and she could play with them, and eat with any plate, regardless of its worth.

"Daddy, aren't we supposed to keep plates in the kitchen? Why do they keep this in the bedroom?"

Sally asked, cocking her head to her side, looking like a curious puppy.

"Well, that's because, this plate is an antique piece, honey," Terence explained as he grabbed Sally and hoisted her on his lap.

"Antique? What's an antique, Daddy?"

Sally asked, playing with the plate in her hand.

Terence smiled. "Antiques are objects that belong to the ancient time. They are very old. This plate was found when people dug it out from the ground?"


Sally's eyes grew bigger and she scrunched up her nose in distaste. "So this plate is very dirty?"

She was appalled by the fact that the plate was under the ground for a long time before it was discovered.

Terence shook his head and laughed at his daughter's horrified face. "Well, you are right. That's why I asked you to wash and disinfect it before using it."

Before he could say more, Sally gave the plate back to him. "Eww... I don't want it. It's dirty."

She disliked the idea of playing with something that was buried under the ground for many years.

Terence broke into a fit of laughter.

"If you want, I will ask someone to make some tableware for you. They will be brand new and you can play with them, OK?" He smiled and wrapped his arms around her knees.

Sally nodded and smiled in return.

Carla watched the two of them talk, shook her head and went to her room to change her clothes.

She went downstairs to find Andrea, who was still busy with her work and ushered her to a private room for dinner.

Andrea and Noah were packed with work and had no time for anything else. This was the last wedding in their family and they were busy arranging it, making sure everythi

were engulfing her. She didn't have the strength to read any further, so she closed the box and pushed it aside.

These words had been haunting her all these years.

What did it mean to go back?

No one knew the answer better than her.

In the bedroom, upstairs

Carla was still wrapped in Terence's firm embrace, while her mind was in a jumble of thoughts.

It was late at night but she couldn't fall asleep.

"What's wrong? What are you thinking about?"

Terence asked gently as he felt her heavy breath brushing his body. He looked up at her and found that she was still awake.

"Terence, what do you think is in that box?"

Carla finally asked. She had noticed the gradual transformation in her mother's demeanor. Did the box contain her mother's deepest, darkest secrets, which she had locked safely?

"How would I know? Why don't you ask your mother tomorrow if you're curious to find out?" Terence said, rubbing Carla's shoulders.

Carla blew out a loud breath. "Do you think my mother is hiding something from me? I think she is."

Her thoughts flitted to the times her mother almost said something and quickly changed the subject.

"Carla, all parents have something going on in their minds that they don't want to share with us. Perhaps we don't have to know, or they are waiting for the right time to tell it. Don't trouble your brain with unnecessary thoughts. You need to rest,"

Terence said, kissing the top of Carla's head

Carla nodded and nestled her head into his arms and whispered, "What about you? Are you hiding something from me?"

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