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   Chapter 849 This Is So Cool!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7218

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Carla felt her heart surge in her chest, her eyes watering at his words.

She stared up at the man, without blinking. This was the man she loved. This was the man who had defended her again and again. As she looked up at him, it felt like she was falling for him all over again.

"Are you crying?"

Terence's eyes widened, taken aback when he saw Carla staring at him with tears welling up in her eyes.

"Don't cry. What if our baby grows up a crier?"

he teased, wiping away the tears that ran down her cheeks with his thumb. Without another word to her, he wrapped his arms around her shoulder and brought her outside.

Carla could feel the sincerity oozing from his words, and that made it all the more amazing.

Terence stared at her. He always felt at peace whenever he was around her. With her, it felt like he could share absolutely anything. He'd never experienced these feelings for twenty-eight years. It was only when he met her that he realized how sweet love could be.

"I've only said a few things about you, but look at you! Your eyes are now swollen red. If I continued, what else could've happened to your face?"

Terence teased gently as he led her to the car.

When they finally got inside the car, Carla finally calmed down. She looked up at him, eyes shining with gratefulness. "You're so sweet." With a sniffle, she continued, "What else do you have to say?"

Terence couldn't help but burst into laughter. He pinched the bridge of her nose. "Forget it," he snorted. "With the look on your face, you'll burst into tears if I say another word, and we're about to see your family. They might think I'm mistreating you."

"I still want to hear it. Please?"

Carla pouted her lips. It was rare for Terence to speak like this.

They had been together for such a long time yet he'd never spoken to her like this.

"Can you at least promise me you wouldn't cry?" Terence sighed, finding it extremely hard to refuse her request. She looked just like Sally when she was asking for more candies.

"Yes! Come on, please? If you don't, I'll tell my mom you've been abusing me, so I'll be staying in the Hua family instead

I've missed you both."

She held her granddaughter in her arms and kissed her on the forehead before turning to Carla. "I'm working now, so don't worry about anything. I know you had quite a trip so you should go get some rest."

"I'm fine, mom. How about I ask Carol to come over and help you?" She gestured for Carol to come over.

There must be something she could do to at least lift some of the burden off her mom.

"There's no need, dear. I'm fine. No need to worry,"

she insisted. "Callie, we have many relatives coming over today, so don't forget to greet everyone. There's really no need to worry about me."

Seeing as she was not taking 'no' for an answer, Carla nodded.

Andrea motioned one of her assistants to bring down a plate filled with candies. "Come here, Sally. You know how your uncle Tristan's getting married tomorrow, so here are some lovely sweets for you to enjoy and celebrate!"

The moment she saw those candies, Sally's eyes lit up. However, before she took them, she hesitated, glancing at her mother.

"Mommy doesn't want me to eat candies. She said that they're bad for my teeth."

"Take it. It's an exception." Seeing how obedient Sally was, Carla couldn't help but nod her head, ruffling her daughter's hair.

Sally's smile widened as she took two candies from the plate and placed them inside her pockets. She might as well save some for later, in case her mother changed her mind.

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