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   Chapter 847 Visit Eunice Mu

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7127

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Terence looked at Carla and his eyes were gleaming with excitement.

Carla's cheeks turned pink at the intensity of his gaze. She quickly cleared her throat and said, "Have you eaten anything yet?"

"Yeah, I heard that you were having hot pot with Violet, so I ate outside,"

Terence said, letting go of Sally.

Terence wanted Carla and Violet to enjoy their time together and had deliberately come late.

"Ok, now that you have already had dinner, come upstairs. I've got something to tell you." Carla turned to Sally and smiled. "Sally, draw your pictures here for a while and ask Carol to take you to your room once you are finished, OK honey?"

Sally nodded. "I know, Mommy."

Terence followed Carla as she stepped into the elevator. He couldn't contain his excitement and walked inside with a happy grin.

Once the door of the elevator closed, Terence smirked and stepped closer to Carla.

"Err... What are you doing?"

Carla swallowed loudly when she saw Terence's mysterious eyes piercing into hers. She subconsciously took a step back and leaned against the elevator wall.

"Carla, don't you have the patience to wait longer?"

Terence grinned and stepped closer to her. "I've just come home and you are rushing me to the bedroom already. What do you want to do, honey?"

"What is going on in that beast mind of yours?"

Carla arched an eyebrow as she stared into his sensual eyes that were gleaming with lust. "Whose idea was it to abstain from sex for a whole year? It hasn't been a year yet." She pinched his chin, looking aloof.

Carla was the only woman who could restrain Terence's intense gaze.

Other women threw themselves at him when he slipped on his effortless charm.

Carla chuckled and tiptoed to look straight into Terence's sparkling eyes, Terence couldn't help but smile at her. He always loved it when she teased him. "Is it that obvious?"

No other woman but Carla had the power to make him swoon at the very sight of her.

"All right. Be serious. Eunice's mother had come to see me today. If you are free tomorrow, can we go and see Eunice at the hospital?"

Carla aske

n. Shall we leave? I have a meeting to attend and I don't want to be late."

Terence held Carla's shoulders and turned around to leave.

"That's enough, Mom. It's nice of Terence and Carla to heed to our request and visit Eunice. I don't think it's fair to ask them for more." Rhys turned around to look at Carla.

"Carla, Eunice is completely out of her mind. Please, don't get affected by her words. And I promise you, this is just a temporary condition and you don't have to worry about anything. I apologize on behalf of Eunice, in case she says something that upsets you."

Rhys smiled apologetically.

Eunice grew agitated in the ward.

She was fighting to get out of her bed as the nurse was trying to calm her down.

Wilma had told her that Terence would be coming to see her. She couldn't wait anymore.

Eunice tore herself from the nurse's hold and stepped out of the ward. She looked around and she cried in excitement when her eyes settled on Terence. "Terence, you are here!"

Rhys spun around and froze on the spot when he saw Eunice standing there, grinning like a maniac.

He blew out a loud sigh, for the hundredth time, when he heard his wife speak. He turned away as he didn't have the energy to look at her.

Eunice's condition was an ugly reminder of his failure. He had failed as a husband.

His wife fantasized and dreamed of other men over him. How unfortunate could he be?

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