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   Chapter 846 Dad, I Want To See My Little Brother As Soon As Possible

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"Mrs. An, try to empathize with Eunice. After all, you are also the daughter-in-law of the An family,"

Wilma pleaded as she bowed down in front of Carla.

"My daughter is a tough girl and she is not willing to give in. It is entirely my fault. I have spoiled her. Blame me for everything, but please help Eunice get through this."

Carla let out a loud sigh when she saw Wilma begging her for help.

Violet, who was standing next to Carla, cast a sly glance at Wilma. She immediately reached out her hand to tug Carla's clothes. "Carla, don't be too sympathetic," she whispered into Carla's ears.

"Aunt Wilma, you better go back home now. Terence and I will come and visit Eunice as soon as he is free."


Violet yelped in exasperation. She didn't understand why Carla had agreed.

Carla turned towards her and gave a reassuring smile.

"Thank you, Mrs. An." Wilma nodded gratefully as the worry in her face seemed to fade away in an instant. "I will leave, then. I don't want to bother you anymore."

"Carol, please see Mrs. Mu off."

Carla motioned Carol to accompany Wilma.

As soon as Wilma was out of their sight, Violet walked in front of Carla and arched an eyebrow in reprimand. "Carla, why do you have to be so kind? Don't you understand what she is trying to do?"

"I do." Carla patted Violet on Violet's arms and smiled. "Calm down. Didn't you hear what I just said? I will be going with Terence, so there is no need to worry about anything.

Moreover, Eunice's mother has come all the way here to meet me and has been constantly pressing on the fact that we are family. If I'm still reluctant to help her, people will say that I'm heartless. I don't want anyone to speak ill of Terence and the An family because of me."

JA City was a big place where news spread like wildfire. While the Mu family was one of the prestigious families, both the An and Mu families would be in trouble if things grew awkward between them.

Moreover, Rhys had not divorced Eunice yet. Technically, she was still Terenc

gets bigger, right?"

Sally lifted her head and her big, innocent eyes stared into Carla's.

Carla couldn't help but smile at her daughter. "You're right, honey. The baby will come out once my belly grows bigger."

"But, Mommy, how long will it take for your belly to get bigger? I can't wait!" she pouted.

Suddenly her big eyes began to shine with excitement. "I have an idea! Why don't I ask Daddy to blow your belly so that my brother will come out sooner?"

Carla burst into a fit of laughter. "Sally, did you think that my belly is a balloon? What if it gets too big and bursts?" She asked faking horror.

Sally touched her chin and thought for some time. "Oh, you are right. That's a bad idea. Let Mommy's belly grow slowly. I will wait." she pouted

Terence walked in and saw the two of them giggling.

A contented smile stretched across his face when he saw their happy faces.

"What's so funny? What are you guys laughing at?"

Terence asked lifting Sally into his arms, ruffling her hair.

"Daddy, do you have any idea to make the baby come out soon so that I don't get bored?" Sally asked with expectant eyes.

Terence chuckled. "Honey, you know that I'm more excited to see your little brother. But we have no other choice but to wait for him to come out on his own."

Terence turned towards Carla and cast a meaningful glance.

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