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   Chapter 843 The Yu Family

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'What are these? Yu Sea City? Family history? What are these?'

Carla muttered almost to herself. She held the papers in her hand and skimmed through the contents of one of the papers that she had picked randomly. She felt a strange familiarity as she read them, even though she could not understand a word in it.

When she tried to take a closer look at the paper, the door of the study suddenly opened.

"Carla, what are you doing?"

Terence asked, trying to read Carla's expression. His heart was hammering in his chest when he saw Carla standing behind his desk, peering at something intently. He swallowed his fear and walked up to her side. "What are you looking at?"

Carla quickly put down the papers and smiled at him. "Well, you're back!" She looked at the papers she had placed on the desk and said, "Well, it's nothing. I saw these papers coming out of the fax machine and decided to take a look at them. What is it about?"

She was rummaging through the papers and her eyes settled on one which had a picture on it. "Oh, why does this paper contain a photograph?"

"Carla, these papers contain important information someone has compiled for me. It is about a business project that I am going to be working on later." Terence took the file from her hand and neatly arranged it before putting it back on the desk.

"It looks like you don't want me to see it. Why, what's in it?"

Carla arched an eyebrow and stood up to get the file. But Terence pulled her into his arms, stared into her eyes and whispered, "Honey, we have just returned and Sally says that she misses swimming. It is already half-past seven. Why don't we go out and spend some time together? How about a nice, relaxing spa treatment?"

"Now? I have already showered and I'm about to go to bed."

She looked confused as she stroked the pajamas she was wearing.

"Oh, that's not a big deal. Why don't you go to your room and get changed so that we can leave right away? You must be knackered after spending the whole afternoon shopping. A bath won't be enough to soothe your tired muscles; soak yourself at a nice spa and get a massage. Come on, let's go with Sally."

Terence wrapped his arms on Carla's shoulders and nudged her towards her room.

"Okay, I'll go change now," Carla groaned. She was not in the mood to go out but she did not want to deny her daughter's wishes.

Carla strutted towards her room to get changed.

Terence let out a sigh of relief. He quickly put the documents into the drawer and locked it. He clenched his jaw and called Bryant. Bryant had almost gotten him into trouble. "Bryant, why didn't you find a better time to send the documents to me?"

"Mr. An, Nathan had instructed me to compile all the information and send them to you tonight.

I have only followed his instructions. It's already evening and that's why I have sent them to you. What mistake have I done?"

Terence let out a loud breath and rubbed his eyebrows. "Yeah, right! But you are an idiot. Why have you faxed, when you could have just mailed them to me?"

Terence did not want Carla to find out about the documents. He was

re the wit of an old woman, taking care of a big family, all by herself.

"Bryant, do you think that the Yu family is still waiting for Andrea and Carla to go back home to them?" The thought of it made Terence uncomfortable.

"Well, that's possible. Maybe they are waiting for them to return or have entirely given up their hopes and have accepted the reality," Bryant rambled his guesses.

"Oh, cut the crap already! Just admit that you don't know." Terence grew impatient.

"Err ... I'm sorry. I was wondering why the Yu family hadn't tried to reach out to Andrea all these years,"

Bryant mumbled.

Bryant was right. It actually made sense. He rubbed his eyebrows in confusion and asked, "How do you know that they haven't contacted her? She perhaps, does not want to go back and has kept it a secret from Carla. I guess it's better if Carla does not find out about this."

"Well, that's possible. But I feel the Yu family has given up on Andrea. The woman in charge is almost in her eighties; I don't think she would have the patience to wait for Andrea to return. Otherwise, she would have contacted Carla a long time ago,"

Bryant said thoughtfully.

"Alright, if you find any more clues or information about this, don't forget to inform me at once. It's late. You should go to bed now."

Terence hung up the call and sank deep into a pool of his thoughts.

A frown tugged on his forehead, which gradually faded away. His eyes settled on the picture in the file and he smiled bitterly.

'Carla, what else do I not know about you?' Terence thought.

The Yu family was an enigma that had a strong influence around the Yu Sea City.

It had its deepest, darkest secrets just like the An family.

Terence sighed loudly and put the materials safely in his drawer and locked them.

Just when he stood up to leave, the woman who was standing outside the study moved further away, to conceal herself from Terence's sight.

When she heard Terence lock the drawer, she tiptoed back into her room and slipped back under the covers, pretending to be fast asleep.

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