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   Chapter 842 Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7916

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Brian crossed his arms over his chest, looking questioningly at Steven.

His eyes were squinted. This could turn out to be an awkward conversation, so he was trying his best to sound casual, even though he was feeling a little uncomfortable himself.

"What's your relationship with that woman?"

he asked in an almost accusatory tone.

Steven was folding a T-shirt before Brian shot this question at him. With a wicked smile, he looked up and said almost condescendingly, "I don't think it's necessary for me to explain everything to you! Also, excuse me? I'm busy packing my stuff right now. This isn't a great time for this conversation," he added.

Since the night he'd gotten drunk and spent the night at Steven's place, Brian had been visiting him frequently.

"Just answer my question. What's your relationship with her?"

Brian asked again, blocking his way as he was going to the other side of the room. Impulsively and in the heat of the moment, he even grabbed his wrist.

Steven tilted his head and frowned. Retorting, and wrenching his hand free, he said, "Brian, do I need to tell you every time I meet a friend?"

"A friend? Is Terence's wife your friend?"

Brian couldn't believe what he had just heard. When he visited Terence at his home last night, he had observed that Terence was madly in love with his wife and even showed some tendencies of controlling her. If that was the case, how could she be friends with other men like Steven?

Steven was taken aback. He took a step back and creased his eyebrows in surprise. "How do you know her?"

"Her husband is my boss and my friend!" Brian blurted out without meaning to. He immediately regretted it. He shouldn't have let it slip.

However, it was too late now.

Steven was surprised even further. He remembered Brian saying the person he liked was his boss. So was it Terence that he secretly had feelings for?

"I see. So, is there a chance that the person you are in love with is Mr. Terence An, CEO of the AJ Group? Or am I misreading the situation?"

Steven was startled. Of course, he knew a lot of gay people around him.

Their sexual orientation was different from others, but perhaps societal notions forced them to hide it.

He looked at Brian quizzically, a suspicious look painted all over his face. This was the moment of confrontation they'd both been avo

ossing the line and it had started to anger him now. He jerked his hand away from his grip again and asked in a rather cold manner, "What do you mean?"

Brian was stunned by his manner of speaking. He thought it would be best to stop dragging the matter.

"I was just kidding," Brian said, trying to lighten up the mood.

He realized that Steven's anger had a special power on him.

"Then step out of the way..." Steven said coldly and walked away.

Looking at him walking out of the room made Brian sigh out loud. Why did he care so much about Steven's feelings? He didn't have an answer himself.


Carla returned to Seaview Villa tired and exhausted.

She decided to take a shower and go to bed early.

She stretched herself with a yawn and went to the study.

She had gotten used to reading before sleeping every night. She thought that it was a much better way to learn than scrolling mindlessly on the phone.

She went over a lot of titles and ended up picking three or four books to ponder upon. Eventually, she picked one and decided to take it to bed.

When she was about to leave the room, she heard some sound coming from the printer.

She turned back to check it out. The printer, which was also a fax machine, was receiving some information and was printing it out.

She pulled a chair over, propping her chin up, staring at the paper sliding out of the machine little by little.

What was that and who was sending it? Who would use the fax machine when they can easily just send a mail?

Finally, the whole sheet of paper was out.

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