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   Chapter 841 An Encounter

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Rainer immediately came in and led Rhys to the door. "I'm sorry sir Rhys. This way, please."

Rhys glanced at Terence and sighed helplessly. Without saying anything else, he turned around and walked out of the CEO's office.

Rhys' request was far outside of Terence's power. If he could, Terence would have said yes. But this time, it was a little ridiculous.

How could Terence allow himself to do such a humiliating thing? He just didn't have the self-esteem to survive it.

But still, he should have anticipated that.

After Rhys left, in the CEO's office.

Terence could feel a headache coming. He massaged his forehead without breaking his concentration on the paperwork laid out before him.

A moment later, the phone on the table rang.

"Terence, are you busy right now?" Carla's familiar voice came from the other end of the line.

"No, I'm not. What's up, Honey?" Terence said gently. Hearing her voice immediately calmed his mind. It was like Carla's voice was the cure to his headache.

"Tristan is getting married next week. I've been looking for a gift for a long time now but I can't find the perfect gift. I don't know what I should buy for him and his wife. Do you have any ideas?"

Carla felt like she had turned half of JA City upside down looking for a gift to no avail. She thought she'd know it once she saw it, but so far, she wasn't so lucky.

That was why she called Terence for help.

"Really? Tristan is getting married?" Terence chuckled. "That's great to hear! Having trouble with the gift? That's a piece of cake. Don't worry. Let me decide on it."

Carla paused and asked, "So, you have an idea? What do you think is a suitable gift?"

"A nice car! I just ordered a limited edition sports car last month. It should arrive soon. It's the perfect timing. I'll just give him the car as our wedding present for him!"

Terence grinned, even though Carla couldn't see it.

Carla cleared her throat. "You idiot! Don't be so reckless with your purchases. You'd never know when you'd be needing money for more important things!"

If she were the Carla from before, she would have screamed his ear off. Although Tristan was family, giving him a sports car was just too much.

But after so many years of living together with Terence, she got used to the way the man did things. Her view towards many things had begun to change as well.

After all, she and Terence were rich.

"Don't worry, Carla. When

his annoying lady?"

Steven turned around the moment he heard her. When he saw her, his face beamed with delight.

The middle-aged woman glared at Carla.

Although she was mad at the interruption, once she heard that the young man was the mayor's son, she did not dare to do anything more and turned away in disappointment.

"No, it's my fault. I wanted to draw a painting to show the beauty of this street, so I chose this one. But you're right. It's a little hard to stay focused. It's always bustling around here."

Steven said with a smile.

Seeing his serious face, Carla couldn't help but curl her lips. Steven seemed to be really serious with his art. He chose to paint at a busy street to improve his skills.

"So, you seem to enjoy this kind of life so much. I didn't know you are a great painter! You hide things as good as a spy,"

Carla said with a smirk.

Carol looked at her watch and whispered to her, "Mrs. An, it's late. Should we go home now?"

"Okay, I understand," said Carla as she looked at Steven. "Mr. Su, I'm leaving now!

Anyway, I just stopped by to help you drive away that shameless woman. Good luck with your painting, then!"

Seeing her leaving in a hurry, Steven hesitated for a while before calling out after her, "Thanks! Take care along the way."

Carla waved at him from a distance before she turned around and left.

Watching her leave, Steven came to his senses. After a while, he noticed it was time for him to go back to rest. He started to pack up his stuff.

But when he stood up and raised his head, he saw a man standing in front of his easel, blocking his way.

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