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   Chapter 840 Even If It Is Just Pretending

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"Mrs. An, your mother called to inform you that Tristan's wedding had been fixed. It will be held next week. Her call was to invite you to the wedding,"

Carol said with a smile.

This news filled Carla with excitement. She couldn't believe her ears. "Really?" She asked.

"Yes, it will be next Saturday!" Carol said as she nodded her head.

Carla let out a long sigh of relief. Tristan's marriage was something she had been looking forward to. However, something or the other would get in the way. But now she was glad that everything would finally be settled.

She immediately called Andrea and asked her to fill her in with more information.

It turned out that Isabella's family was very decisive and didn't wish to take any advantage of the Hua family's wealth. Truth be told, as long as their daughter was happy, they were also happy, and content.

And they were convinced that the Hua family wouldn't treat Isabella unfairly.

Listening to this, Carla became happier than she had ever been. It felt good receiving such good news early in the morning.

In the afternoon, Carla asked Carol to accompany her to the mall.

Since Tristan was going to get married, as his sister, she had to prepare a special gift. It took Carla hours to finally settle on a present.

In the hospital, Eunice's mother was talking to Rhys in a pleading tone, "Rhys, you have to figure out a way. See how Eunice has turned out!"

In the past two days, Eunice's mother's hair had turned grey with worry so she felt compelled to discuss it with Rhys.

"Mom, what can I do? I'm sorry but this is crazy! We can't just say yes to whatever she asks for,"

Rhys said bitterly.

Eunice's mother cast a glance at her daughter, who had been bawling her eyes out. Slowly, her gaze shifted back to Rhys. "Rhys, you and Eunice haven't divorced yet. We are still a family.

Can you go and talk to Terence? Eunice is seriously ill. Don't you think we are supposed to help her?"

Eunice was upset all day which is not good for her recovery.

"Mom, I..."

"Rhys! How about this? Since you seem adamant on breaking things to my daughter, I will give you my word that I will convince her to divorce you. But if you want me to do that then you have to help her get through this. What do you think of this deal?

refore, she is still family. All experts in the hospital have checked on her and they don't think there is much they can do to help improve her situation.

The only solution at present is to comfort her. When she gradually calms down, we will run further checks. This will tell us if there are any other possible mental treatments,"

Rhys said with his head down, feeling ashamed to look up at Terence.

"Terence, I know this may sound a little ridiculous, but there's nothing we can do. She only recognizes you now. Is there any possibility that you can…"

Terence slammed the documents on the table. He raised his handsome face and looked at Rhys. "Rhys, she is your wife. How could you say that?"


"Rhys, she has lost her mind! Are you crazy too?"

Terence gave out a cold hum and continued, "I still have a lot of important work to finish. I thought you were here for something important. Would you please go out and let me do my job?"

"Terence, I just want you to come to the hospital and see her. Could you please come there once and pretend? We will figure out a way to deal with the rest. Do you think this is too much to ask?" Rhys asked nervously, swallowing his saliva.

Terence's brows knitted tighter and tighter. He said coldly, "Rhys, you should know that Carla has gone through a lot to finally get pregnant. I don't want to do anything that would sadden her, even if it is for someone else's benefit."


"Rainer, see him out!"

Terence looked down and ordered coldly.

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