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   Chapter 838 You Are So Stupid

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8384

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In the study, Bryant was waiting for Terence for a video call, a cunning smile inching its way into his lips. He had slanted eyes, so when he smiled, his eyes would quint even more till they could barely be seen through his glasses.

"What's the matter?"

Terence asked, sitting across Bryant who had been snickering the entire time. One look at Terence's face rendered him silent.

He cleared his throat and placed an old black-and-white photograph into the screen. "Look carefully, sir." He motioned to the screen, tilting his seat just a bit so they'd get a better view. "Don't you think the person in the picture looks familiar?"

As he was speaking, Bryant zoomed in the picture for Terence to get a better look. In the swarm of many different people, someone caught his eye–a woman.

"Who's this?" he asked, peering closer. 'She looks so much like Carla, ' he thought.

However, given how worn the photograph looked, there was no way this woman was her. She'd have to be seventy by now if that was her.

"Who do you think? I mean, she looks so much like your wife, doesn't she?" The first time Bryant laid eyes on the photo, he noticed how the lady in picture looked so similar with Carla. He remembered asking more of his people to investigate on the source of the image that had alerted him.

Although, he was expecting to find something. He didn't think that the secrets would be all be spilled by just one photograph.

"Where did you get this photo?" He leaned back, drumming his fingers on the table intently. "What about the rest? Who are these people?"

Bryant placed the photo away, the same cunning smile appearing on his lips. "You're incredibly smart, Mr. An. You can take a guess."

Terence stroke his chin with one hand, narrowing his gaze at the screen. His eyes glinted.

"Is she my mother-in-law then?"

That was the only possibility that he could think of. There was no way they'd look so similar yet not be related to one another.

Bryant snapped his fingers almost immediately. "Bingo!"

He cocked up an eyebrow at the 'revelation'. "That's all? That's the reason why you asked me to come here? I still have a guest at home. If you'd like, we can talk about this later."

Seeing as there was nothing important about the information, Terence stood up, readying to leave. Bryant staggered upwards, raising a hand to stop him.

"Mr. An, give me a minute to explain. This matter has something to do with your wife, Carla. Otherwise I wouldn't invite you this v

aused. "No...I haven't, Mrs. An," she stammered, her cheeks flushing a bright red tinge.


Carla raised her eyebrows, knowing fully well that the woman was hiding something from her.

"Yes. I promise." She shook her head repeatedly.

Carla nodded thoughtfully. "I see. I've told Terence repeatedly how much I'd like to introduce Rainer and Nathan to two lovely women. Although I'm not as worried for Nathan, it's Rainer I keep thinking about.

He's a careful man, calm and passive. However, he does get angry when things get personal.

He once fell in love with Susan, but it didn't take long for that to fall apart."

While listening to Carla, Carol rubbed her shoulders absentmindedly, nodding at her words. "He doesn't really have a way with women," she found herself saying.

"Right? That's why if a girl's interested in him, she should just say it outright or else he wouldn't be able to catch it. Am I right?"

Carla slowed her words to emphasize her point, this time staring up at Carol.

Carol flushed, feeling her cheeks getting redder and redder. "Of course, that's right. Mrs. An, have a good rest. I'll be leaving now."

She hurriedly dashed out the room.

Finally out of the room, Carol breathed a sigh of relief. However, just before she'd return back to her own room, she saw Rainer walking towards her.

He gave her a once over. "You okay? You don't look so good," he pointed out bluntly

before making his way to the study to talk with Terence.

Just when she was about to reply, he had already upped and left. Her hands balled into fists, as she gritted her teeth.

'You're so insensitive, Rainer!' she cursed.

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