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   Chapter 834 Looking At It Is Far From Being Enough

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8131

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They'd seen all the lights the Lantern Festival had offered with Carla in Terence's arms.

Eventually, Carla tired out. She wanted to see the rest of the festival but the venue was too big and cars couldn't pass through most areas. So Terence had carried her for the most part.

Terence stayed with her until she got her fill of the brilliant lights.

"Honey, you must be tired from carrying me for so long. Let me give you a kiss as a reward."

Carla wrapped her arms around his neck and smacked his thin lips with hers.

"Is that all?"

Terence raised his eyebrows, discontented with a fleeting smack. Carla gave him a kiss that could barely be called one and of course, that was not enough for him. That would never be enough.

Seeing his grumpy face, Carla pouted and kissed him again.

"How about this time?"

Terence raised his eyebrows, lifted her chin and kissed her properly.

"Honey, since we're both grown-ups here, I think you can kiss me any way you want, unlike elementary students sneaking off. Remember, the next time you want to thank me, just do it this way!"

He tried to close the gap between them again and kiss her, but he was stopped by a slap.

Carla caressed her swollen lips. "Terence, you should know that primary school students know what the word 'insatiable' means. How come you don't seem to understand it?"

'This man is getting more and more brazen, ' she thought.

"Who says I don't understand? Didn't I behave properly?" Terence blinked and glanced at her collar. He whispered in her ear, "My dear wife, I have one thing I don't understand. Why do you think your pregnancy increased your boobs' size?"

Carla glared at him. Embarrassed, she squealed, "Shut up!"

It was normal for women to get pregnant and get bigger breasts as they carried their child to full term.

Terence chuckled and put his arm around her shoulder, "Okay, I'll shut up now. I will study it when we get home, though."

After a while, they had arrived at the Seaview Villa.

After taking a bath, Carla sat comfortably on the sofa. Behind her, Terence was helping her dry her hair.

Time passed by.

Carla noticed that Terence was taking longer in drying her hair. She looked up and found Terence watching her, enjoying the scene in front of him.

The corners of her lips slightly twitched. Her bright eyes sparkled mischievously. Then she started to pull her clothes off slowly.


do at the hospital?

"Well, Terence, I don't know how to tell you. But when Eunice woke up this morning, she kept saying she wanted to see you. I have no choice but to agree."

Rhys said reluctantly!

Terence squinted his eyes and asked, "What do you mean? Why would she want to see me?"

"Terence, whether you can come or not, please consider it as my request as your brother, okay?"

Rhys said helplessly.

Terence rubbed the skin between his eyebrows and sighed, "All right. I'll go there, but I won't stay long. I really have a meeting later."

"All right, all you need to do is come here."

Rhys sighed with relief.

After hanging up the phone, Terence frowned in confusion and turned back to their bedroom.

Carla, like a cat that had just woken up, stretched lazily and asked, "Why did you get up so early? Won't the meeting start at ten o'clock?"

"Rhys asked me if I could go to the hospital first. After that, I will go to the company," Terence looked back at her as he put on his clothes.

"Carla, I will go downstairs and ask Sophie to bring you breakfast. If you want to sleep some more, eat first."

Carla nodded. She propped her chin up with one hand and looked at him, "Rhys asked you to go to the hospital? Is there something wrong with Eunice?"

"I guess so. I don't know the full situation yet. Let me go and have a look."

After putting on his clothes, Terence walked up to her and said, "I'm going ahead, okay? If I'm not busy this afternoon, I will come back earlier."

Then he bent down and pressed a kiss to her forehead.

Carla waved at him and went back to bed.

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