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   Chapter 833 Let's Go to the Lantern Show

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Terence followed Edmund to the scene of the accident, which was near the East Yard.

On the way, Terence informed Rhys while Edmund called Eunice's family.

When Rhys received Terence's call, he rushed to the spot.

Although he had already made up his mind to divorce Eunice, he still couldn't help but worry about her. When Terence told him that his wife's life was in danger, something awoke inside Rhys.

After bringing Eunice to the hospital, Rhys kept pacing back and forth outside the operating room, full of remorse.

"It's all my fault. If only I could hold it in a little longer."

Rhys couldn't help but blame himself. When he had seen Eunice's bleeding head, he was stunned.

He had been tired of Eunice's dominant character. But even so, he had never imagined she could be so weak, lying on the operating table lifelessly one day. Eunice was a stubborn woman. She would always force him to try to do something he didn't like. But she still gave him and the An Family a son. Rhys could still remember how proud Edmund was when his wife brought their little boy to the family.

"Brother, don't be like this. It has already happened. It's useless to blame yourself," Terence stood beside him and comforted him softly, "This tragedy has nothing to do with you wanting a divorce. Even if you think you can bear with it this time, can you still say the same next time? You've already made up your mind. You can't put your happiness on hold just because this accident happened."

Rhys sighed deeply and closed his eyes.

Yes, he had been trying to put up with Eunice for many years. Even if he could tolerate her this time, what about the next time?

He would still ask for a divorce anyway.

"But Terence, I'm also responsible for this terrible accident. I should have postponed asking for a divorce. I could have waited for a better time to talk to her. Then maybe this wouldn't have happened to her!"

Rhys said with remorse, his fist clenched at his sides.

"That's all right, Brother. Sure, that could happen. But we can't change the past. What happened has already happened. Now let's find a way to help Eunice get through this first," Terence said, comforting Rhys.

A long time passed.

The door of the operating room opened.

The doctor came out and said gravely, "There is fracture somewhere in the patient's skull. It's a not very serious injury to her head. But, the bleeding inside her brain has caused a hematoma. This is out

ul lanterns hanging over their heads, Terence and Carla enjoyed the romantic and relaxed mood.

"Carla, come here. Let me take a picture of you."

Terence saw a group of lanterns lined up in the shape of a blue dolphin in front of him. It looked very magnificent, so he took out a camera to take pictures for her.

At a distance, Nathan cast a glance at Carol, who was walking in front of him. Then he went to a roadside lantern shop to buy a small lotus lantern before quickly catching up to her.

But before he could give his gift to Carol, he was surprised.

In front of him, Carol already had a small chrysanthemum lantern. He didn't know where she even bought the thing, but it didn't matter now. Not when she was holding it in front of Rainer, offering it to him.

"Rainer, is this beautiful?"

Rainer's eyes carefully observed the surrounding environment before he took in the lantern in her hand. "It's beautiful. Sally would like it."

"Sally has one already. It's a rabbit-shaped lantern. This one is for you."

While speaking, she shoved the lantern into Rainer's hand. Then she ran away with a blushing face.

Rainer looked at Carol who was running away and then looked back at the lantern in his hand. Distracted, he shook his head. He had nearly forgotten his own duty. Quickly, he followed Terence and Carla in front.

Nathan, who was standing behind Rainer, watched the whole scene happen between Rainer and Carol. Then he sank into silence.

He also received the same lantern from Carol. After a short pause, he threw the lantern into a nearby trash can.

He then walked forward and caught up with Terence.

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