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   Chapter 832 Eunice Had A Car Accident

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Terence comforted Carla and helped her calm down. After a while, she didn't feel too angry anymore.

Although it was not a big deal for Edmund to play such tricks, it affected Carla deeply.

She was aware that Edmund was also distressed. Yet, there was a huge difference between him and Terence that she could not ignore.

Carla and Terence spent the night in the East Yard.

The next day.

As Carla went down the stairs, Eunice's voice filled her ears.

"Dad, can you help me persuade Rhys?"

Eunice urged Edmund. Carla was seeing Eunice after a long time. Carla could not help but reflect on how lean Eunice looked! She had become much gaunter.

"Dad, I don't know what's wrong with Rhys. All of a sudden, he has decided to divorce me? It's unfair to me and to Eric as well!"

Eunice wiped her tears and continued in a choked voice, "I know that we had a lot of differences from the very beginning. It has never been easy for Rhys and me to get on well with each other. He has made many mistakes earlier and I forgave him every time. But this time, he is asking for a divorce all of a sudden! I just can't understand it. Could you please help me and talk some sense into him?"

Edmund, who was sitting on the sofa, shook his head and sighed, "Eunice, although I'm your father-in-law, it does not look good if I interfere in your marriage.

You and Rhys came together to form a family and it's you who run it. So you should try to solve the problems by yourself. I'm sorry I don't find it proper to intervene between a husband and his wife."

Edmund thought Rhys was stimulated for some reason and just mentioned divorce in the heat of the moment. Edmund didn't expect that he could be serious.

Eunice shook her head, sat up beside him, held his hand and emphasized, "No, Dad! He will listen to you! You're his father.

Even if you don't care about me, please think about Eric. What fault did he have? After all, Eric is your grandson.

Do you really want to see him grow up without a father?"

Eunice's face was full of tears. Even though she was a tough woman, she knew that a divorce would wreak havoc in her life.

Moreover, even if she had been quarreling with Rhys and cursing him all the time, she still had feelings for him. They had been married for five years. It was unthinkable for Eunice to break up with him like this.

"Eunice, calm down. I'll t

st in her thoughts, Eunice could hardly see what lay in front of her on the road. Her vision was blurred with tears pooling her eyes and her mind was in a mess. All of a sudden, the deafening sound of a car horn came from the opposite direction, followed by a loud crash!

The two cars bumped into each other. Eunice's head got knocked hard against the steering wheel and she passed out.

In the East Yard.

After breakfast, Terence and Carla were about to go out when they saw Race rushing in.

"Mr. Edmund, something really bad happened!

Just now, one of our men reported that Mrs. Eunice was met with a car accident on the road close to the East Yard. The man who saw it happen in front of his eyes said that it was a serious accident."

Edmund almost sprang up from the sofa saying, "What did you say? Eunice was met with a car accident? Did you call the ambulance? Come on, take me there! Hurry up"

Carla and Terence, who were still standing at the door, looked at each other.

"Terence, shall we go with them?" Carla said with concern. After all, Eunice did not divorce Rhys yet. Hence, she was still of Terence's sister-in-law.

At this unfortunate moment, it was their duty to stand by her as a family.

But Terence held her hand and said, "You don't have to go there. You are pregnant now. You shouldn't go to that kind of place.

How about this? I'll ask Carol to take you to the new suburb now. And then I'll meet you there after I am done with these things here."

Carla nodded at Terence's suggestion. That was the only option for them for the time being.

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