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   Chapter 826 Happiness And Sorrow

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Thinking about the picture of a whole family having the time of their lives on a vast meadow, riding horses and having fun, made Terence's heart swell.

Carla put away the carved wooden horse and looked at Terence. In his eyes, tenderness and affection overflowed. She reached out and affectionately rubbed his cheek against her palm.

"Honey, let's stay in the moment for now. I'm hungry..."

Terence broke free of his fantasies and began to feed her red grapes. He smiled and said, "Okay. Tell me what you want to eat. I'll cook for you."

Two days later.

In the study of the Su Mansion.

"Calm down, sir!"

A loud crash echoed through the place as soon as the words left Secretary Liu's lips.

"Unbelievable! I thought the An family had honor. How dared they collude with the Qu family against me?"

Gary took off his glasses angrily. Kicking over the chair beside him, he continued his angry tirade. "Didn't they claim they would never set foot in the underworld? But that's what the Qu family has been known for! The damn underworld! They've done a variety of unspeakable things there. It's a slap in the face for the An family!

They've gone so far as to scheme with the Qu family and they dare accuse me of abusing my power and the public's trust? Those sons of bitches!" Gary was livid.

He continued wreaking havoc as he paced and ranted. A cup he had been using for two years did not even survive his war path. "Now, see what I got. The superiors asked me to reflect and turn a blind eye to the An family whatever happens.

What did they mean when they said I've been deliberately finding fault with the An family? The An family made a slip up which killed someone. It was obvious that these leaders are trying to protect the An family!

Is it because they are powerful and influential, and Nicholas used to be an important national officer."

Gary was so mad and he kicked over a chair. "He's already dead! Nothing's stopping these superiors anymore! I really don't understand what these people were thinking."

"Calm down, sir! The leaders must be thinking carefully about the situation since Nicholas had just passed away. After all, many of them were his subordinates."

Secretary Liu went up and said, "Sir, don't get too worked up. The An family's power had been strong these past few years. It's not the best time for us to challenge this. We'll have a better chance in the future!"

At Secretary Liu's wo

to the door. "Get out!"

Steven heaved a tired sigh before he turned around and left the room.

After leaving the study, Steven felt the emotional toil of his conversation with his father. On one hand, his father did give him permission to quit his job and follow his dreams. But Steven was still upset.

He hoped he could persuade his father to give up his dirty schemes and obsession against the An family.

Just then, his phone rang. An unknown number was calling him.

"Hello, is this Steven? I'm at the garage. The car has been fixed. You can come over now."

It was Brian on the other end of the line.

"Okay, I see. I'm coming now."

Steven glanced at his watch. It was four o'clock in the afternoon. Good, it wasn't too late.

That night.

At the East Yard of the An Manor.

Gary was right. The An family was throwing a wild party, celebrating for getting out of trouble.

Different from that of the Su family, the atmosphere here was harmonious and joyful.

"Terence, here's to you!"

Edmund raised his glass and clinked it with Terence's. "Thanks to the Qu family, your second elder brother was freed from prison and our family can get through these difficult times."

If there was one thing to be learned from this situation, it was how important connections were in solving problems.

Otherwise, the An family wouldn't have had an evidence against Gary.

The Qu family had always had a bad relationship with Gary for a long time. Besides, they had a lot of resources and channels. They had a good fighting chance against Gary.

This incident would be enough to silence Gary for a while.

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