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   Chapter 823 Display The Opposite Image (Part Two)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 10751

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Chelsea believed that Terence was different from other men. In fact, that was exactly why she became so interested in him in the first place.

But in the end, she came to realize that he was just like all the others.

It was rather obvious that in Chelsea's eyes, that she was very disappointed with Terence. She started to think that he was a man who didn't have any balls. This wasn't the first time she had encountered a man like him. In fact, there were countless others, and she felt disgusted.

Nathan and Rainer, who had been following Terence from a distance, also mounted two separate horses as they went after them.

"Rainer, take a look at Chelsea. Can you see the look of disappointment on her face? Mr. An seems to be trying to ruin his image on purpose,"

Nathan speculated.

"Kind of. If Mrs. An were to hear this conversation, there's no telling what she might do," Rainer remarked, feeling nervous.

Later that evening, Ralph arranged a big feast for Terence. While they were enjoying the meal, he discussed the business proposal with Terence.

When the conversation was about to come to an end, Ralph waved his hand and asked the graceful maids to serve Terence some fine wine.

"Mr. An, please, I would like to propose a toast to this wise project you've come up with! You can rest assured this time. As the head of the Qu family, I want you to know that you can rely on me, and I will get the deal we have made, done! You have my word."

Ralph tapped his own chest as a show of confidence. Truth be told, he had been meaning to give Gary a hard time for so long. That being said, since Gary held such an important position, it would be rash for him to take action all by himself.

But this time, it was different. With the support of the An family, it would be possible. And there was a good chance that it would succeed.

Taking the wine which had been served by a maid beside him, Terence took a sip. Then, he came to notice that the maid was dressed rather provocatively. Seeing that, he couldn't help but frown.

"Thank you, Mr. Qu. By the way, I must ask, is this wine perhaps homebrewed? If so, what was the secret ingredient you used? I just had a few glasses, yet I'm already feeling a bit lightheaded."

"This is the special wine of our house. It is only served to VIP guests," Ralph said as a smile crept onto his face, feeling quite satisfied. Then, he went on and added, "A single glass of it is equal to three glasses of common wine. Well, I would be surprised if you didn't feel lightheaded!"

"Hey, come over here and help Mr. An back to his room to get some rest!" Ralph ordered as he glanced at the maids.

After finishing his glass of wine, Terence appeared to have gotten drunk. He kept stumbling back and forth, with his arms over the shoulders of the two maids assisting him.

As soon as he left, Chelsea walked over to Ralph.

"Father, why did you have to ask the two maids to take him back to the guestroom?"

All things considered, Chelsea knew her father quite well. So, how couldn't she have known what was at the back of Ralph's mind?

"Chelsea, you know nothing about men. Terence is simply acting in accordance with what's happening

side and leaned against a pillar with his arms crossed over his chest.

"Mr. An, she's gone. Can Nathan come out now?"

Rainer asked, keeping his voice low.

"What's the rush? We should at least let them finish what they are doing,"

Terence said. As he glanced around the room, he began to wonder whether Nathan played the show too hard.

After some time had passed, Rainer knocked on the door.

A moment later, Nathan straightened his clothes and walked out, with two hickeys visible on his neck.

"Where are the two maids?"

Rainer leaned in a little closer and asked Nathan in a low voice after taking a look at the closed door of the room.

"They just passed out. Don't worry. I have fulfilled the mission that Mr. An handed to me quite well, if I may say so myself," Nathan proudly said, feeling so refreshed.

"Really? Brother, don't you think you've taken things a little too far this time?" Rainer asked in utter disbelief. To be fair, he knew that Nathan liked to go hunting in bars on a daily basis, but he had no idea that he was good at enjoying that kind of entertainment.

The fact that Nathan slept with two women at the same time really opened up Rainer's eyes today.

Amazement and admiration toward his brother filled his head.

"How could I possibly refuse the delicious meat that's been served before me? Besides, I had no other choice but to play the show hard to make it believable for Chelsea,"

Nathan explained as he continued to fix himself up.

As far as he was concerned, the actual reason why he agreed to do such a thing was to enjoy the pleasure of having sex with two beautiful women.

Rainer turned to look at Terence, who was smiling but not saying anything, and then glared at Nathan, "But, you should be extra careful when you fool around with strangers, for your health!"

Hearing that, Nathan took out a small square condom wrap from his pocket and tossed it over to Rainer.

"Brother, do you know what this is?"

Taking a look at the condom wrap at the palm of his hand, Rainer's face flushed with embarrassment. In an instant, his face turned as red as pork liver.

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