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   Chapter 820 Please Give Me Some Advice (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-02-21 06:31

"Sorry, Mr. Qu, I will have to leave right now! I have something urgent to deal with. Forgive us!"

said Terence casually, the sense of apology clearly missing from his tone. He stood still, taking a good look at Ralph, who was walking toward him.

"Oh! Can't you stay another day?"

said Ralph with a genuine smile.

At the same time, Chelsea came over behind him. She looked at Terence in the manner of wanting to say something but gave it a second thought and didn't.

Ralph noticed her ambiguous expression and understood everything. He put his arm around her shoulders and spoke sweetly, "Did Chelsea make you angry, Mr. An? My little one is a little spoiled. Please don't be mad at her..."

He looked down at her with a smile and asked, "Chelsea, did you do something to anger Mr. An? Now, don't you want to apologize?

Maybe this is why he wants to leave so suddenly..."

Chelsea took a step forward timidly. Her eyes remained low. She was a little ashamed of herself and this was taking a lot of courage to admit. Pouting, she spoke softly, "I'm so sorry, Mr. An. I get too impulsive sometimes. Please forgive me...

If you want, I'll come with you and apologize to Mrs. An. Would that be okay?"

"Ah, yes, Mr. An, please don't be angry with my girl. I admit, my daughter is a little blunt at times, but she has a good heart," said Ralph quickly, trying to control the situation.

"How about you explain this to your wife on the phone? Chelsea is a straightforward child. I don't want Mrs. An to think otherwise and have any reservations against us.

Chelsea, do you promise not to do that again?" he added. Chelsea looked back at her father nervously. "Yes, Dad," she said quietly.


alled just now. He is at the Qu Mansion regarding some business. When you called, Miss Qu grabbed his phone without his permission. That was why he couldn't talk to you. He has conveyed genuine apologies, as has Miss Qu,"

explained Carol, trying to ease Carla's furious heart.

What she said seemed like a plausible explanation to Carla, but the fact was that his phone was answered by another woman twice in one day. Any woman would be mad at that, let alone a pregnant wife with hormones messing with her head. These things, clubbed with her mood swings and the discomfort she felt in her body, made her feel horrible.

"I'm okay. Don't worry too much about me, you guys," said Carla, waving her hand as she looked into the book. She tried to feign indifference but it was clear that she was bothered. Carol stood there for a while, wondering what to say to make her feel better. At last, she gave up and thought it was best to give her some time to herself. But as she was walking out, she heard Carla call her out, "Carol!" Carol turned around and asked, "Yes, ma'am?" "Get ready. I want to go back to JA City," said Carla firmly.

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