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   Chapter 817 Honey, Do You Want To Eat Horse Meat

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As soon as the door was opened, Sally rushed forward and wrapped her arms around Sean's leg.

"Uncle Sean, I was scared you wouldn't want to talk to me anymore."

She tightly held onto Sean's leg as she looked up at him, seemingly on the verge of tears.

Sean bent down and saw her looking teary-eyed. "Sally, I'm not mad at you anymore. Why don't you go and play by yourself. Your mother and I have something to talk about."

"Uncle Sean... Are you really not angry anymore?"

Sally asked, giving him suspicious looks. Then, she poked his forehead with a finger and said, "If so, then why are you still frowning?

Uncle Sean, you're still mad at me, right? I'll apologize right now. I'm sorry, Uncle Sean. I'm so sorry... Please forgive me."

Sally bowed her cute little head and pouted as she apologized.

Although she had already told Carla that she had no intention of apologizing, the moment she realized that Sean was still upset, she was willing to apologize first.

Seeing that, Carla leaned closer and told her, "Sally, Carol is going to take you downstairs, okay?"

Taking a look at Sean and then at Carla again, she finally walked downstairs together with Carol.

Inside the room, Sean and Carla were the only ones left.

"Sean, please don't be mad at Sally. I know that she's not very good tempered..."

Carla said, thinking that Sean really got upset this time. Back when they were younger, she remembered that they had quarreled countless times before, but neither of them really got angry at each other.

That being said, the two of them were siblings, so it wasn't that hard for them to make up whenever they argued.

Indeed, Sally went a bit too far. She always kept on clinging to Sean.

"Carla, there's something I have to tell you, but promise me you won't get mad, okay?"

Sean said, albeit hesitantly.

"Why do you seem so hesitant? Is there something that you find hard to say to me?"

Carla looked straight into his eyes and asked.

"Carla, do you think that Sally is being a little too clingy to me?" Lowering his head, Sean went ahead and reluctantly asked, "I know that she's still a kid and I honestly used to think that was just the case, but... She told me several times that she wanted to marry me when she got older."

Hearing this, Carla was left dumbfounded. Then, she said, sounding really surprised, "Yeah, I've also noticed that she is going a little too far. But Sean, please don't take it seriously."

"Carla, I think I should probably stay away

ack and do nothing about it.

Carla yawned and looked at the clock to check what time it was. "I'll hang up now. I'm about to have dinner. I've been feeling so sleepy as of late. I need to go to bed early, shortly after dinner."

"Okay. Oh! By the way, don't you want to try some of the local specialties from here? I've heard people say good things about the horse meat here. Would you like me to bring home some of that?" Terence asked, wearing a smile on his face as he waited for her reaction.

That being said, Carla almost gagged the moment she heard those words.

"Terence, you're trying to make me throw up on purpose, aren't you?"

She loved horses so much. How could he ask her to eat one?

The mere thought of eating horse meat was more than enough to make Carla puke.

"Honey? Honey, is everything all right?" Terence asked in a worried tone when he heard Carla retching.

Patting herself on the chest to calm herself down, she immediately hung up on him without giving him a response.

On the other end of the line, Terence stared at his phone and helplessly shook his head. He simply wanted to tease her a little, but he never expected that she'd actually throw up.

The food in this region was quite good, especially the horse meat, but he was well aware of the fact that Carla wouldn't like it.

"Mr. An, the Qu family arranged some people to send us an invitation. They're asking us to attend a party tomorrow. Apart from that, they also invited us to stay at their mansion that night. It seems that they're planning to send us off the next day...

Nathan informed him as he walked in, holding a golden and black invitation card in his hand.

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