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   Chapter 816 Mom, Uncle Sean Isn't Talking To Me

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When Ralph saw the serious look on his daughter's face, he flicked her forehead and asked, "Dear, are you kidding me? Have you ever stopped to think this through? Would it be fair to Mr. An's wife?"

"Dad, love is selfish. Every woman in this world wants to get a good man for herself, right? If I can take Terence away from her, it would just mean that the love between him and his wife isn't strong enough. You can't blame me for that!"

Upon saying that, Chelsea shrugged, wrapped her arms around Ralph's arm and said, "Dad! I'm your daughter, please lend me a hand!"

"You silly girl, have you actually gone and lost your mind?"

Never would he have expected that she was going to take this thing so seriously.

"Dad, when he comes tomorrow, you can tell him that..."

Then, Chelsea leaned in closer to him and whispered something to his ear.

When he heard what she said, his eyebrows became deeply knitted and he disapproved, "Chelsea, I think it's too risky. If he doesn't agree, our efforts will end up in vain."

"Dad, if you don't give it a shot, how will you know whether he will agree or not? Moreover, language can be flexible! You can just underplay it or something. Besides, weren't you planning to invite him to stay in our home tomorrow night? Isn't this the best chance to do that?"

Chelsea said in a firm tone.

'I'm not only young and beautiful, but I am also the daughter of the Qu family. Marrying me can be of great to help him given the current situation. I don't think he won't be enticed by what I have to offer, ' she pondered.

"Chelsea, even though our family has some power in both black and white, we can't afford to get our hands too dirty, especially you. I don't want you to..."

"Dad, I know what you're trying to say! I won't play any underhanded tricks. I'll try to win his heart fair and square! I want to have that woman completely beaten by me!"

Chelsea stated, holding her head high.

Meanwhile, in HA City.

Carla, who had just left the Hua Group headquarters, sneezed twice. While rubbing her nose, she couldn't help wondering, 'Did I catch a cold?

That doesn't make any sense. It's a windless day and I'm wearing warm clothing. How can it be possible for me to catch a cold?'

"Mrs. An, are you all right?"

Carol worriedly asked as she was driving the car.

Shaking her head, Carla simply said, "I'm fine. I don't know what's wrong with me. It might just be an allergic reaction to something I smelled."

"Mrs. An, maybe Mr.

lly suddenly knocked down Sean's controller, causing him to lose. And Sean got upset because of that."

Tristan told Carla the whole story. Indeed, they were both still kids. Although Sean was older than Sally, he was only a fifteen-year-old boy.

It was quite normal for children of his age to lose their temper.

Hearing that, Carla put her hands on Sally's shoulders and gave her a bit of a lecture. "Sally, your uncle takes care of you every day, while you don't even give him some time for himself to do the things he wants to do. You're the one at fault. You should apologize to him later, do you understand?"

Wiping the tears in her eyes, Sally blinked with her eyelashes wet with tears. Then, she pulled a face again and said, "No, it wasn't my fault. He is my uncle, so he should accompany me and play with me! Besides, I did let him play computer games. But I've been waiting for him for too long."

"Sally, how can you say such a thing? Uncle Sean has his personal time and space. You can't expect him to spend all his time playing with you,"

Carla said with a frown. It just dawned on her that Sally seemed to be getting a little too dependent on Sean.

"Sister, you don't have to take it too seriously. Sally is still a child. So, she doesn't know what's right and wrong yet,"

Tristan advised. When he was younger, he had fought with his brothers and sisters all the time and argued with them an awful lot. You couldn't possibly reason with a child on who was right or who was wrong every single time.

"Tristan, you should stay out of this," Carla said as she proceeded to knock on Sean's door.

With that, the door finally opened.

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