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   Chapter 815 She Likes To Snatch Things!

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 8616

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When Terence mentioned the name of a woman she had never met, a trace of tenderness flashed in his eyes. Chelsea couldn't take her eyes off him.

The tenderness was like the first beam of light in the early summer sun, warm but not strong. The light was limited but dazzling, but it was so stingy that it only could light up one side.

When the sun rose behind the mountains, the dense forest blotted out most of its rays. There were only a few people who could see it.

And some people, just like the sunshine at noon, shone everywhere.

"Yes. I must know the woman who can dazzle Mr. Terence so much!"

Chelsea did not hide the regret on her face. It was unfortunate that the sun's warm rays would shine on another woman before her.

After lunch.

"Do you need me to give any message to my father?"

Chelsea asked Terence when they came out of the restaurant.

"No, but thank you for the offer. Miss Qu, we are leaving now. Goodbye." Terence nodded to her gently and turned to get in the car.

As she watched him leave, Chelsea realized how different Terence was from other men.

Other men wouldn't have thought twice to take advantage of her in order for them to get closer to her father. She had met a lot of them before.

But Terence...

He didn't seem like he would take advantage of her.

Was his lack of interest in her actually disrespectful? Or was he just trying to keep his distance, in case he was cooking up trouble?

And then they drove away.

In the car, Nathan took a look at Terence in the rear view mirror. He couldn't help but ask, "Sir Terence, that girl seems to like you very much. Why didn't you let her persuade her father?"

Terence rested his chin on one hand as he watched the scenery around them fly by. "No. I don't need to resort to that. I'm not the kind of person who will get what he wants by using other women."

Indeed, he loathed to succumb to such underhanded tactics.

He knew he could take advantage of Chelsea. There was a high chance she would do his bidding, had he tried. But he wouldn't do it.

"Boss Terence is right. You are thinking too small for this. There are people who will do anything to achieve their goals. But do you think he would be one of those pathetic, unimaginative people? Even if he chose to take advantage of someone, that person has to be worthy of Mr. An's troubles."

From his place in the passenger seat, Rainer declared his agreement.

Chelsea might be the daughter of Ralph Qu. But so what?

"That sounds surprisingly wise of you now, Rainer. Why were you so dumb bef

and laughed. "Dad, what are you talking about?

Do you think your daughter would be willing to degrade herself like that so easily?"

At her teasing response, Ralph nodded with relief. "It's good that you know it!"

"Dad, I mean if he gets divorced, will you accept him as your son-in-law?"

Apparently, Chelsea wasn't done yet as she continued.

"Wh... what did you say?" He stammered, choking on his own spit in his shock. He hacked a few times, clearing his throat. Maybe that could clear his ears, too. Surely, he must have misheard his daughter.

"I said, if Terence divorces, would you still be against your daughter marrying him?"

Chelsea curled her lips into a smile and tugged at his clothes, appearing cute and cheeky.

"For god's sake, my dear daughter, are you sick? Why don't you ask around about his marriage? How well does Mr. Terence treat his wife? I heard that he had been separated from his wife for four years. Everyone thought that their relationship had already ended. But when she came back, their relationship was restored immediately. The love between them has gotten even better than before!

It has become a legend in JA City. So why would they get divorced?"

Ralph explained. He couldn't bear to see his daughter suffer like this. There were only a few men in the world who stood out from the crowd. And Terence was just one of them.

"Dad, he is such a good man! How could I just stand by and watch him leave?" Chelsea said, smiling confidently.

"Dad, this excellent man is worthy of women fighting over him! And you know me. I take pleasure from taking things from others. You'll see; I will win his heart easily."

Chelsea's eyes shone bright with a promise.

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