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   Chapter 811 A Negotiation With Ralph

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Ralph didn't budge. Instead he exploded into laughter with a gaze as sharp as ever.

"Mr. An, don't flatter me. I'm a nobody from the northwest region. How could I possibly affect JA City?

I know that Gary is arrogant and always assumes an important air. He pretends to be lofty on the surface, but in fact he is a giant hypocrite."

He sighed exasperatedly. "I may not be a gentleman, Mr. An. In fact, I'm probably not a good man, but at the very least, I don't pretend to be a good person. Gary, however, he's different.

The problem with Gary is that he's at the top now. It's not easy to shake him down."

Terence shrugged, not at all surprised. He knew that Ralph wouldn't promise something like this that easily.

Members of the Qu Family would want to watch the two rivaling families fight it out first before jumping into the brawl.

However, he knew that the Qu family and the Su Family had always been rivals from the very beginning. If there was somebody in the world who would have something on Gary, it was Ralph.

But even then, Terence knew that Ralph wouldn't provide that information too easily.

This was why he'd try his best to convince them to help him.

Of course, Terence didn't come empty-handed. The Qu Family was one that would not be messed with. Although they weren't as rich as the An's, they were just as influential due to all the information that they had against the others. And he came just with the information that they wanted.

"You're being too modest. With you keeping the entire region afloat, you're competent yourself,"

Terence complimented, glancing around the courtyard. "Mr. Qu, your family has always been rivals with the Su's. Supporting me is equivalent to living up to your family legacy.

Besides, it's not like I'm coming in empty-handed. You know what the Qu Family needs most at present. If you think about it, I'll have someone send over a document."

Ralph's eyes flashed at the mention of the document, as he licked his bottom lip, considering his offer. A few seconds had passed and he let out a laugh. "I'll consider your offer." And that was all the confirmation Terence needed.

At this moment, a fragrance of orange roses wafted over from the doorframe. Having a sensitive nose, Nathan was the first one to notice it, glancing over to the woman who had just entered.

She wore a bright yellow dress, a white coat, and a beryl hat that matched the color scheme. She glanced up at Terence curiously.

"Dad, why didn't you call?"

Although she was talking to her father, her gaze was still focused on Terence.

"You're always too busy, so I didn't b


Rainer asked, furrowing his eyebrows.

"Ask your brother." Terence didn't even look up to answer him.

Without another thought, he made a call to JA City. It had been two days since he went out, so he had no idea what was going on there.


Rainer smiled sheepishly.

"Do you think Mr. Qu would accept our request before we went there?"

Nathan sighed before asking. Rainer was smart, but if there was something he lacked, it was the ability to see through people.

"I wasn't sure." Rainer shrugged. Although there was bad blood between the Su and Qu Families, the Qu Family still had no obligation to help them. He mused.

"Since we don't know what will happen, it's better this way. It would be embarrassing if he refused the document right in front of our faces."

"But isn't that impossible?" Rainer retorted.

"No one refuses Terence."

"You're right, but there are just some things that need a little more time to develop. We're the ones asking for assistance, so there was no need to be so arrogant. It's better this way.

Plus, they'd take this as a sign of humility,"

Nathan explained, patting Rainer on the shoulder. "Rainer, you've been with our boss for quite a long time now. You should've been less oblivious with these types of situations by now.

No wonder Susan paid no attention to you. If I were you, I would've already slept with her a long time ago."

These two brothers always seemed to get into banters whenever they were around one another.

Rainer blushed at the mention of her name. He threw a punch.

"I told you not to mention her anymore!"

Nathan deflected his fist easily, snorting in laughter. "Well, if you can get the girl to fall in love with you, then I wouldn't."

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