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   Chapter 810 King of the Northwest

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As soon as they touched Terence, Nathan and Rainer suddenly stepped forward and blocked the hands of the two maids.

"Tell your master! If you really want to make a body check on our boss, ask him to come here and do it in person. How can servants like you touch our boss' body?"

Nathan said coldly with a straight face. He glared at the two maids who came to search.

He knew at a glance that these women had soft skin, something a hardened worker wouldn't have. So he guessed that these maids did not do too much heavy work. But they were kept as maids in the Qu family, so there must be some purpose for them being there.

Then Nathan looked at the people around them. There was a man in a waistcoat and a white shirt that had attracted his attention. He looked too slick to be a normal person. The man returned Nathan's stare, his eyes glinting with slyness and cunning before he smiled slowly.

"Yes, you're right! They shouldn't be allowed to touch a distinguished man like Mr. An," The man nodded at Nathan.

Then he continued, "Get out of the way!"

The man raised his voice at the two servants. Then, he bent over and smiled at Terence. "Please come in, Mr. An!"

Terence threw a cold glare before he walked inside.

Nathan and Rainer were about to follow Terence into the delivery room, but they were also stopped from entering.

Not wanting to cause a scene, the two brothers looked at each other and then raised their hands in surrender.

"Girl, you're welcome to search me all over. I'm not married yet. But be careful not to touch somewhere you wouldn't want to touch," Nathan teased with a fake smile.

The two maids who were running the body search on Nathan instantly blushed.

After making sure that Nathan and Rainer had nothing suspicious or hidden under their clothes, the maids let them in.

Nathan and Rainer looked around the mansion. After years of working together, they had developed a tacit understanding with each other. Before anything, they tried to get a general familiarity with their surroundings. Then, they quickly followed Terence.

They came into the living room of the house.

The house was large and well-constructed. Clearly, the master of the house had spent time and effort with every single detail of the house. The garden was landscaped beautifully. Every inch of the place exuded opulence, pow

an. Since you have so many things to do every day, I am grateful for you taking the time to see me."

Terence stood up from his seat and shook Ralph's hand.

"Ha-ha, it's my honor to meet you, Mr. An! Please tell me in advance the next time you pay a visit. I will welcome you myself!"

"The rumor says that you are the prince of JA city. It must be true, then. My daughter has always said you're the most handsome man in the world!"

Ralph's teasing quip lightened the atmosphere immediately.

"Mr. Qu must be joking."

Terence slightly raised his eyebrows and chuckled.

There were a lot of women who liked him in JA City, but he didn't know that he also had admirers in the northwest region.

"Oh, please take a seat. Stephen, where is Chelsea?" Ralph took a seat opposite Terence, as he called out to the man who led Terence to Ralph's living room.

"Mr. Qu, your daughter went out to have her hair done this morning. She should be back soon,"

Stephen walked over and said.

"Alright, I got it." Ralph waved at Stephen before he turned to Terence. "Mr. An, it's rare for you to come here. You should stay a little longer."

Terence smiled and hid the spark in his eyes. He shouldn't be too lax just because Ralph seemed so kind to him.

"Mr. Qu, you have already guessed why I came, right?"

Ralph was a brilliant and cunning man, which was how he was able to take control of this region for so many years. It was how he earned the title, King of the Northwest. How could he not have any idea why Terence paid him a visit, at his house, no less?

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