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   Chapter 807 See Whom I Have Brought Back

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"Yeah, your hair looks nice and your clothes fit you well. But you don't look as handsome as Sean," Carla scanned him top to bottom many times and deliberately teased him.

Hearing Carla's words, Tristan gave her a firm glance and asked, "Why don't you clearly state that I'm not as handsome as Terence?

In that case, I will be far more convinced. How old is Sean? Who knows how he will look like when he eventually grows up?"

"I am sure he is going to be as good looking as he is now."

"Well, we can't be certain of it. Sister, Mom, and Sally, bye! I'll buy you some delicious food when I return!"

Tristan gave Carla a beaming smile and waved goodbye as he left the room.

Noticing him leave, Carla turned to Andrea and asked, "Mom, is Tristan..."

"Well, he came to meet me after I called you yesterday. He also informed me that he had broken up with Farrell, saying that they weren't compatible with one another. Hence, they shouldn't be wasting time."

Andrea shook her head and sighed, "Let him be. He's an adult, and he is aware of what he's up to."

Carla took a quick glance at the door and raised her eyebrows. Although Tristan looked the same as before, he seemed more mature all of a sudden.

Then, she held Sally's hand and led her into the house.

"Mom, where is Bonnie?"

"She has left for work."

Andrea continued to talk while walking, "Bonnie has changed a lot since she returned from abroad recently. She offered that she would work in the company if she had nothing to do at home. She's working in the translation department right now since her English is beyond exemplary. Your brother says she works really hard."

"Really? That's good. She has finally learned to do something practical," Carla nodded and said.

"That's right. Maybe it's a blessing in disguise. After all that she has gone through, it's nice that she has finally learned to cherish herself."

Andrea shook her head and smiled. She took Sally by her hand and said, "Sally, let's go inside and see what surprise I have prepared for you."

Last night, Carla made an unexpected call to Andrea, telling her that she and Sally would come today. So, Andrea made the effort to get up very early this morning and buy a special gift for Sally.

But to their surprise, that night, Farrell and her mother visited them in person.

When Carla was playing with Sally in her room upstairs, she heard some noise erupting from downstairs.

She immediately descended downstairs. She then heard the voice of Farrell's mother, who sound

d question.

"Mrs. Gu, that's a different situation. How can they be compared?" Andrea asked unhappily.

Since Terence was the heir of the AJ Group and Carla was the hostess of the An family, it was quite understandable that she was holding the shares.

"How is it different? I don't see any difference. I know that Terence is the only son of the An family. Everything else is just the same."

As soon as Mrs. Gu completed her sentence, Carla opened her mouth.

"Mrs. Gu, didn't you just assume that I hold many shares of the AJ Group? I can tell you very clearly that I don't,"

Carla parted her lips and uttered.

In fact, she didn't know whether she had any share in the company or not, and she had never asked Terence about that either.

She planned to ask Terence about it one day when she got the time and opportunity for it.

"Marriage is all about two people living together. If you constantly create a fuss about money and related matters, it's usually the women who get to suffer,"

Carla said with a smile.

Women should not be too domineering in this aspect. If they struggle a little too far for the sake of their man's properties, it would only result in the reduction of their own value.

Mrs. Gu was speechless for a moment. She struggled to say something but couldn't find anything worth uttering.

The AJ Group was so big and yet Carla didn't have any share at all. Compared to that, Mrs. Gu now seemed to haggle over every ounce.

"Mom, sister! I'm back. See who I have brought back..."

Tristan suddenly came in.

But when he saw the mother and daughter sitting in the living room, his voice stopped abruptly. He knew something wasn't right.

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