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   Chapter 794 The Purchase Plan

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"You weren't present here in the company earlier and the chairman was too busy to look after everything by himself. Hence, many important documents and projects were handled by the vice president. But he's not as cautious as you when it comes to serious matters.

Before you left, the delayed purchase plan didn't work out because of many unforeseen problems. But right after you left, the vice president decided to proceed with the purchase..."

Terence squinted his eyes and asked in sheer surprise, "What? What did you just say? Why am I getting to know about this just now?"

Rainer sighed and continued, "Mr. An, although the whole company has been reorganized after we returned, the AJ Group has so many departments and the vice president has been concealing the truth. So, we haven't found out the root cause until now. And now, it's too late..."

The AJ Group was usually busy with various projects. But with Terence running the office, most of the projects would go smoothly and everything would be under control. Terence was capable of maintaining strict supervision of all projects so that the reputation of the AJ Group would never be compromised.

And whatever happened this time was purely an accident. The purchase plan had been postponed before, so Terence didn't properly investigate it after he came back. He was careless about it.

What's more, the vice president was in charge then and nobody was aware of such an arrangement. That was how the unfortunate accident occurred.

The vice president was Terence's second elder brother after all. Obviously, his subordinates would not think of supervising his work. They trusted their vice president very much but clearly the vice president had betrayed his employees' trust. He wasn't worth the trust and respect he was given.

"How is it going now?"

Terence asked with a sigh, closing his eyes in utter disappointment.

Was Rhys trying to make some personal achievements behind his back for his father to see?

Was that why he had kept it a secret from Terence? Was Rhys afraid that he would steal his thunder if he got to know about it?

That was so childish of them. They should have definitely prioritized the company's interests before their own.

If the plan was so easy, why was it delayed until now? Although the AJ Group was known for its aggressive nature all the time, there were several tough cases that they could not deal with.

"I don't know whether the vice president was so aggressive or there was someone else trying to force them to sign the contract. One of the shareholders has jumped ship, leaving the company..."

"What did you say?" Terence frowned and grabbed Rainer's clothes, asking.

Rainer sighed, "As of now, the legal department has begun their investigation. I'm afraid that they will find us soon. What do you think we shou

AJ Group. How dare you tell me that you didn't expect it at all! How can you be so irresponsible and incompetent?"

Edmund was fuming mad. He picked up the pen container on the table and threw it aiming at Rhys.

Rhys didn't care to dodge. He stood still and kept his head down in absolute silence.

Edmund got even angrier noticing Rhys's seemingly careless attitude. "Even if you didn't have the ability, why couldn't you learn it from Terence? Have you ever thought of the possible reasons behind Terence postponing this plan? You thought he was dumb? !"

Edmund was so angry that he kept banging the table repeatedly. For a moment, it seemed as if he would break open the table in half.

"Our company is so large that it will obviously attract critics. We've made many enemies in the business field over the years. We need to think very carefully before we arrive at a decision, especially in the case of a purchase plan. We won't even draft a proposal unless we double-check and verify everything is perfect. How could you make such a mess?"

"Dad, calm down. Take care of yourself..."

Rhys softened his voice and said, "I'll find a way to deal with this. There's nothing that can't be dealt with in this world. I'll send people to this family to talk about it. If the thing is settled, they might withdraw the lawsuit at once. We can solve this matter as an out-of-court settlement."

Then, Rhys turned around and walked out of the office.

After leaving the office, he exhaled deeply and said to his assistant, "Chris, where is Mrs. An? Didn't she say that she would be at the company today?"

Chris walked up and said, "Mr. Vice President, she left hastily when she saw the chairman coming. She asked me to deliver a message to you that she would wait for you in the car outside."

Rhys walked outside with a sigh. He had no other option but to follow her to the car.

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