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   Chapter 793 Something Happened In The Company

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 7767

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Carla slept very soundly as the familiar warmth blanketed her, just like how Terence always hugged her from behind.

Turning over to face him, she enveloped herself under his arms in a tight embrace while she put her hand on his waist.

Terence gave her a quick peck on the forehead and said, "Hey, get some more sleep. It's still early."

Nodding, she adjusted herself in a more comfortable position and continued to enjoy her peaceful slumber.

In fact, she slept so soundly that she didn't wake up until dawn.

She wanted to sleep more, but a mild hunger pang woke her up.

She gave into her hunger. Recently, her stomach would slightly hurt whenever she went hungry, which was, getting more frequent than usual.

Just when she was about to head downstairs for breakfast, she heard a loud and clear voice which came from the door.

"Mommy! Mommy! Look at my painting. Isn't beautiful?"

Just before going to school, Sally walked in the dining room showing her latest masterpiece while she held a crayon in one hand.

Holding her daughter in her arms, Carla then took a look at the picture that Sally just made for her. Seeing four figures in the drawing, Carla asked her, "Sally, is this our family in the picture?"

"Yes, Mommy! Look, this is Daddy, this is you, this is me with this ponytail, and the little boy next to me is my little baby brother!"

Sally explained to her while pointing at each character on the picture that she drew.

Carla smiled as she rubbed her daughter's pink cheeks out of delight. But when she saw the little boy in the picture, she couldn't help but ask, "Sally, why did you draw a little brother instead of a little sister?"

"Well, if it's a girl, then I can also add a braid on his head, just like how Mommy does my hair!" Sally chuckled and added, "I don't know, but I think it's a little boy. I always dream of a little boy every night. He peed on me in my dreams! It was so smelly!"

Hearing her words, Carla laughed. Kissing her daughter's face, she asked, "You're going to be late for school. Have you had your breakfast yet, Sally?"

"Yes, Daddy made a very delicious sandwich!!" Sally answered in a sweet and charming voice.

"Really? Did he really make you breakfast?" Carla asked, realizing that it was the reason that Terence was up so early in the

s face.

"Honey, do you know that the baby is about this big now, but it continuously grows. It will take a couple days before it forms a body."

Looking at him, Carla was stunned. She looked at his eyes which were filled with love and gentleness, and absolute warmth.

"Terence... "

"Carla, it's my greatest regret that I was not with you when you brought Sally into this world. And that is why I must make it up to you a thousand times with this little one inside of you,"

Terence said, bending over to kiss her forehead. He then continued in a low and soft voice, "Don't worry. It says here that you can walk around after a month. I'm sorry we have to keep you at home during these very crucial months. Once you are stable, I will take you wherever you want to go."

Touched by what her husband had said, Carla wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him sweetly on the lips.

Although she might not be able to go anywhere for the sake of the baby, she still felt that everything was worth it when she heard Terence's words of assurance.

Meanwhile, Rainer came over in such a rush.

"Sir Terence, could you please come out for a moment?"

Terence then put down the book he was reading when he noticed that Rainer seemed to have something very urgent to tell him.

Carla also got up from his legs and said to him, "I'll be fine. Go ahead."

Terence met Rainer at a corner on the third floor

when Rainer whispered in Terence's ear, "Sir Terence, I'm sorry to interrupt, but something has happened in the company."

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