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   Chapter 790 Brian Was Gay (Part One)

Waiting For a Girl Like You By Vegetable Characters: 6138

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"What the hell? When did I ever say anything like that?"

Rainer furiously said as he stomped on the ground. At that moment, he couldn't help but wonder why Nathan always acted on his own, completely disregarding how he felt.

"You still have doubts regarding the new bodyguard's qualifications, don't you? Why don't you go and have a little competition with her? Let's see who's actually stronger,"

Nathan answered, wearing a wry smile on his face.

For a while now, Rainer had been arguing with Nathan because of the fact that he never bothered asking his opinion about the selection of the new female bodyguard. Once this contest with her was done, Nathan had a feeling that Rainer wouldn't have anything to complain about anymore.

Meanwhile, inside the room, Carla glanced at the direction of the door and looked at Carol with a smile on her face. "Carol, do you really think that you can win against Rainer?"

Pondering for a while, Carol went ahead and humbly replied, "Yes, Mrs. An."

At that moment, Carol appeared calm and relaxed, as though she had total confidence in winning this battle with Rainer.

It was already nine in the morning.

White fog was still hanging in the air. The willows in the distance were dancing in the cold breeze. The weather that day felt rather cold and somewhat gloomy.

Putting on an overcoat, Carla watched the two of them battle it out in the yard. They had been going at it for a couple of rounds already, and Carol's performance wasn't bad at all. Truth be told, it actually seemed to be quite a tight match.

Despite being a woman, it appeared that Carol was, by no means, inferior to any of the other male bodyguards. She fought gracefully and possessed remarkable strength.

Eventually, Carol emerged victorious after finding an opening and kicking Rainer in the che

the studio right away to have a look, but Terence asked her to get some rest and just wait in his office. He told her that she needed to just sit back and relax right now and that there was no need for her to worry about anything.

Be that as it might, Carla never enjoyed staying at home all day and doing nothing. Despite knowing that she really should get enough rest at home to ensure that she and her child would be healthy, she just couldn't help herself from trying to find something to do.

She desperately wanted to find something to do. Otherwise, she might end up dying of boredom.

Right now, Carla was lounging on the sofa and making herself at home with two cushions behind her back. There was a laptop on the table in front of her. From that, she could see the new orders received from the studio on the computer because she had asked her assistant to send it to her.

Propping her chin up, she took her time eating the snacks served on the table. At the same time, she was also watching the animated presentation designed by the team members from the company. Every time she noticed anything that seemed improper in the presentation, she would pick up her pen to take note of it in a small notebook.

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