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   Chapter 789 The New Female Bodyguard

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Carla patted him on the cheek and attempted to call him. She realized that he should have come to his senses by this time.

"Terence, wake up. I have a question for you!"

Terence frowned. He looked at the woman in front of him and asked softly, "What's wrong?"

"You really don't remember what happened at that time? Are you sure?"

Carla asked anxiously.

Although it was awkward to ask these questions, she remembered that Terence had worn a shirt when she came into the room on that specific day.

The scene was so chaotic that she didn't have much time to ponder over it. If under normal circumstances, how could he possibly wear a decent shirt like that?

"Tell me, do you still remember whether your clothes were stripped off except for your shirt?

Carla asked him again, her tone signifying the urgent need for an answer.

Terence frowned and realized what she meant. He took her hand and slid it across his body. He asked, "You can feel it by yourself. Have I been stripped off?"

He assumed that the woman was good at giving up halfway because she only took off half of his clothes.

Carla glared at him and pinched his face furiously. It seemed that he was still in a daze, making him unable to tell what he was actually doing.

"Ouch, honey, be gentle." Terence pulled her hand away from his face and said, "I remember it now. I didn't take off all my clothes at that time... "

"Are... Are you sober now?"

"Yeah, your excruciatingly painful pinch was ample stimulus for me. I remember. I didn't get up from my bed to see you at that time because my belt had only been half undone."

As time went by, Terence regained his strength and spirit. He pressed the colorful button on the wall and said, "Nathan, come in."

Carla was stunned. "You mean to imply that Susan hadn't even unbuckled your belt completely? Then why didn't you dare to take off the quilt and leave the bed immediately?"

Terence tidied up his clothes, took a deep breath, pulled her by her waist towards him and fixed her messy hair.

"I hadn't undone the belt completely. But I looked terrible. I was afraid you would misunderstand me when you saw my clothes in such a disheveled state that time."

Terence rubbed his fingers between his eyebrows. He quickly recalled some more details of the scene just now.

"Then why didn't you explain it to me then and there? Why didn't you clear my confusion?"

Carla bit her lips and stared at him attent

as covered with white frost.

Carla yawned and tucked herself in. It was so quiet in the mountain that no one woke her up. Eerie silence prevailed all around her.

Terence had gotten up early to rush for a morning run. He didn't expect to have the energy after the tiresome work he had done.

"Ma'am, are you awake?"

Carla froze for a while. A short-haired woman who seemed to be about 1.7 meters tall came over. She wore light purple sportswear with a slight smile on her face. Her dark eyebrows made her look a bit courageous and bold.

"I'm sorry. I don't recognize you. Who are you?"

Carla clearly had never met this woman before. Even if she did, she didn't have the slightest recollection of it.

"Ma'am, I'm Carol, your new bodyguard. I've been entrusted to ensure your safety from now on."

Carol said with a smile. Her heroic eyebrows made her look quite different from any other poise maids of the house.

Carla suddenly came to realization. She wasn't expecting her female bodyguard to be reporting to her so soon.

At this moment, Rainer and Nathan were standing at the door and observing closely.

Rainer quietly looked at Nathan and asked, "Brother, is this the female bodyguard you chose yesterday? She doesn't seem like a bad ass."

At first, he thought Nathan's eyes in bodyguards was special, but now he found they were nothing unlike the ordinary.

"What do you mean? You're looking down upon her?"

Nathan shot Rainer a cold glance. Before he could answer, Nathan shouted, "Ma'am, Rainer said he wanted to challenge your new bodyguard! He seems to be unsure of her qualifications and skills."

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