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   Chapter 787 The Same Thing Happened Again (Part Two)

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Nathan tried to convince Terence not to get so worked up because of something like this.

At the end of the day, it shouldn't really be that big of a deal for a man to make a mistake—everybody does.

Apart from that, the way Nathan saw it, Terence had no intention of doing it whatsoever last time. So, there was no need for him to prove his innocence.

That being said, Terence kept on insisting that he had been innocent all his life. If his father hadn't thrown dust into his eyes, he wouldn't have been covered with this despicable stain, so he had no other choice but to prove it.

He wanted to get rid of the last bit of discomfort that Carla was feeling in her heart once and for all.

He wanted to be the perfect husband she had dreamt of in her life despite knowing full well that it was going to be quite difficult for him to do it.

In the room upstairs...

Carla looked at her watch to check what time it was. It had already been an hour since she got here. Yet, there was still no sign of Terence arriving any time soon.

'Well, I am really wondering...

if Susan had also been waiting for him in his room for this long?'

Carla pondered, trying to guess what she would feel if a woman was made to stay in a room and wait for a man, well aware of the fact that he was married.

Would she be anxious, nervous, or guilty?

Shaking her head, Carla tried to look at it from a different perspective. She had only met Susan a couple of times, and it gave Carla the impression that she seemed to be quite a capable but sophisticated woman. With that in mind, she thought that she probably wouldn't be the type of person who would act like that and try to seduce Terence.

Or, Carla boldly thought, it was also quite possible that Susan had always been raring to do that from the very start. Although she was aware of the fact that Terence was already married, she might've found the temptation so hard to resist and still wanted to sleep with him. After all, reeling in a man of Terence's stature was the dream of many women.

In any case, Edmund was there to back her up, so no one would ever dare blame her for it that much even if she knew that what she was doing was going to make her lose face as a woman.

So, what exactly transpired in this room that day? When they brought Terence to this room drugged, what did she do?

Thinking about it for so long felt so unnerving for Carla. In the end, there could only be two possibilities. First, she could've been wracked with guilt and feeling anxious, or second, she might've actually been a kind-hearted person who felt too ashamed to do anything to a man who couldn't even think straight.

After all, he was still a stranger to her.

However, there was also a chance that she wasn't as sophisticated as she seemed. If Susan was an ambitious woman, she would be more than willing to go through lengths to get what she wanted. So, how could she let such a

't able to get any response from him.

"Mrs. An, is everything alright in there? Do you need any help?"

Rainer knocked on the door and asked.

"No, it's fine. Thank you, Rainer,"

Carla helplessly looked at the unconscious man lying in the bed. Biting her lower lip, she reached out her hand to touch his face as he slept. Even at that moment, she couldn't help but adore her precious husband.

It felt like time was flowing so slowly for her inside that room.

Carla was completely clueless as to how long the effect of the philter would really last. Even after an hour had passed, Terence still lay motionless on the bed.

Carla was beginning to be aware of how the philter was affecting Terence's body. The first thing that the drug did was weaken his ability to move around. After that, it seemed to have directly affected his brain, leaving him unconscious in the end. With that, there was no way for him to be capable of doing anything to anyone who came near him. Meaning to say, he wouldn't have had the chance to touch Susan at all, let alone sleep with her.

So, if Susan hadn't done anything while he was in that state, nothing could've happened in the span of an hour. It seemed that Susan had just been so desperate to achieve her goal, and simply decided to do things her own way.

"… Carla?"

After another hour had passed, Terence, who was still lying on the bed, finally started to move ever so slightly. He tried to raise his head while still feeling so woozy, and squinted at Carla who was sitting beside him.

Then, he tried to reach out his hand to touch her, only to find out that he could barely even lift his arm.

"You're finally awake?"

Carla couldn't contain her excitement as she exclaimed with joy.

Pulling her into his arms as soon as he managed to grab her hand, he wanted to kiss her lips right away. As she closed her eyes, she could feel that Terence was still weak and trying to catch his breath.

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