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   Chapter 786 A Recreation Of The Past (Part One)

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"Take a guess."

Terence stated as he walked inside and held her waist from behind.

Carla leaned into his shoulder and thought for a while. Then she asked, "Did you just kick them out?"

"Hey, why is that your first question? Was I really that rude?" Looking at her with a gentle smile, Terence continued, "I told them that Sean would join the army after the Spring Festival."

With that, Carla was speechless for a few moments. Then she turned around and looked at him in the eyes. "W-what did you just say? Sean is going to join the army next year?"

When Terence didn't answer immediately, Carla tried to answer her question. "Oh, I get it! Did you just tell them that so they would stop bothering us?"

Carla then came to a realization. Sean would only be sixteen years old next year. Even by then, it would still be too early to enter the army. She thought that it must be Terence's scheme to solve the problem once and for all.

If Sean joined the army, their plan to send Jane to school in JA City would be useless.

"No, I wasn't lying. I was telling them the truth. I actually plan to send Sean to the army base next year so that he can be familiar with the environment there in advance."

Terence gently said. That was why he asked her to leave the living room earlier. He hadn't told her yet and it wouldn't be a good idea to inform her that way.

"Why? Sean is still young. Why are you in such a hurry sending him to the army?"

The smile on Carla's face was replaced with so much worry. She thought, 'What would a sixteen-year-old child do in the army? He hasn't even come of age yet.'

"Don't be so nervous, babe. I've already planted some people inside the army. Even if Sean goes in next year, he won't be alone. Everything's going to be okay."

Terence knew that she would be worried. He also knew that in her heart, Sean was the only real family that she had when they were growing up. This was why Sean was a very important person in her life.

"Carla, I will ask someone to continue tutoring Sean. We'll try our best so he could balance his academic studies and his efforts in entering the army. And it was actually Sean's idea as well.

I think we should respect his decision and support him in any way that we can, don't you think so?"

Terence said as he helped Carla tuck her hair behind her ear. "Sean may not be that old in terms of age but if you really look at him, you'll know that he's an adult now in terms of his mental and emotional intelligence. He really knows what he wants in life and how to get it, Carla."

Carla slowly closed her eyes. If

Rainer helped Carla out of the car. She saw the desolate yard and wondered why he brought her to this place.

"Mrs. An, you will know very soon. Sir Terence will be here right after he's done with a meeting with his client. Please wait for a moment."

Carla stepped into the villa. Apparently, the villa had been cleaned up in advance. It was so neat and organized that even the fridge was full of fresh juices and food.

"Mrs. An, please follow me."

At that time, a new maid came over with a smile, and led her upstairs.

"Be careful, Ma'am. The floor is a little slippery after being cleaned. Let me help you." The maid stated while she carefully helped her upstairs.

When the maid opened the door for her, Carla was stunned. It seemed like the room looked familiar to her.

It took her a while, but she finally remembered.

She smiled as it dawned on her why Terence brought her to this place.

Every single detail had been the same as before.

On that day, Edmund had asked Terence to go to the East Yard after having dinner with his clients. Susan might have been in the East Yard at that time.

What was he doing?

He was recreating the exact same thing that happened. The only difference by then is that instead of Carla, it was Susan.

'But why? What did he want to do?' Carla asked herself.

She took her time pondering on the matter when something popped in her head. What if Terence's actual intention was to make her see the actual effect of the drug on him? The drug that he was unknowingly given, the drug that almost separated them forever. Terence did promise her that he was going to prove to her that nothing happened. 'Are these his efforts in making that happen?' Carla asked herself.

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