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   Chapter 785 Solve the Problem Once And For All

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"Really? That's great... "

As Cheryl was speaking, Uncle James grabbed her arm abruptly.

"Uh, I mean, we couldn't do that. If my family came here, your uncle's family may not be happy about the situation. We shouldn't trouble you like this, right?"

Cheryl let out a sheepish laugh as she hurriedly took back her words.

Sean couldn't help but sneer at their hypocritical words. He remembered how cold and indifferent they were when he and Carla approached them for financial aid when their father was seriously ill. Now, it seemed as if the tables had finally turned.

He wanted to laugh at the irony.

"Carla, We just want to take Jane here, that's it. We don't need anything else."

Sensing the tension between them, Cheryl spoke again.

"Auntie, even if we could cover Jane's expenses up to high school, what about the next step after that? Do you want Jane to go with Sean when he goes to college or study abroad?"

Instead of becoming angry, Carla laughed much to their surprise.

"Well, it would be best if the two kids would be together."

Cheryl glanced at her husband.

Carla tilted her head as she leaned back in her seat. "Oh, are you saying that we should cover all her expenses in the future?"

The couple shared a long look, lost for words.

She had hit the nail on the head.

Cheryl was rendered speechless.

If Jane were to study abroad, they'd be unable to cover all the expenses, especially if she'd be choosing to go to another prestigious university.

Other than that, Jane's academic performance was not something to be proud of, given her failing marks in subjects like Math and English. She wouldn't be able to get a scholarship. If they added all that up, the costs would be unimaginable!

Just then, the elevator door opened.

"Daddy!" Sally jumped down from Sean's lap, running up to Terence.

He laughed, holding his daughter with his left hand as he walked over to Carla.

"Mr. An... "

James and Cheryl stood up and greeted him.

"Uncle, auntie, you came," Terence greeted them back politely, before sitting down beside Carla with Sally on his lap.

"Carla, it's late. You should rest and take the medicine the doctor prescribed."

Terence placed his hand on top of Carla's.

She glanced at him. For people who didn't know him very well, it was as if he were a doting husband asking her to rest from a busy day. In reality, however, he was deliberately giving her a chance to leave.

"I could take it from here, honey. Remember how the doctor said you should take it before every meal?"

Terence leaned over, lightly pinching her palm, signaling to her that it was time to leave.

Carla took one long look at him before standing up. "Uncle, Aunt, excuse me for a moment. Let Terence entertain you for a wh

still young. You shouldn't have rushed things. It doesn't matter whether you send me here or not, because either way, both of us still have a long way to go.

Don't you understand? The more you push me towards him, Carla would just look down on me. She must've thought I'm that desperate that I'll lock him by my side in the engagement."

She lowered her head.

"I didn't understand it as a kid, but now...but now... I think it's best that you let me live my own life!"

Without another word, Jane walked off.

Sean was right. Instead of acting as a tool to serve others, Jane should learn her own worth and stand up for herself from time to time.

Her feelings for Sean was true, but now that her eyes have been opened, it's time that she wait a little longer. She shouldn't rush things but use the time to develop her own strengths and abilities by doing what she loved. And if it didn't work out with him, then maybe it was time to let him go.

And now, she was tired of being used.

"You ungrateful brat! I'm doing this all for you, and you're blaming me instead?"

Cheryl turned tomato red, but Jane was already walking way ahead.

"Cheryl, let's just leave it."

James sighed.

He didn't want to give up before, but now things were different.

Since Sean was going to join the army, no matter how he pulled some strings for Jane, it would be meaningless. There were just so many variables.

Back in the Seaview Villa, Carla looked through the window, raising her eyebrows when the three have walked out.

She turned around at the handsome man who had just come in.

"They just left? What did you say to them?"

She asked curiously, jaw dropping when he retold her the story.

Many years after, before Sean would be promoted to the position of major general, Aunt Cheryl wouldn't bother her over this issue ever again.

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