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   Chapter 784 Do You Really Want To Marry My Uncle Sean

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When the visitors finally came in, Carla was walking down the stairs.

"Uncle James, Auntie Cheryl, Jane, it's so good to have you here."

Carla greeted them with a smile and led them to the living room to have a seat. "Next time, tell me in advance when you're coming, so I could have the driver pick you up."

Uncle James laughed a little then said with a smile, "Oh Carla, you don't need to be so gracious. The transportation system of the city is very convenient now. There are buses everywhere we go." Carla nodded at him. He looked around the house and asked, "Well, where is Sean?"

"He's playing basketball with Terence in the back yard. He will be here soon,"

Carla replied. Then, she called Sophie and asked her to make some tea.

"Oh, that's good. That's good." James said while he sat down. He felt the Italian leather sofa with his palms and curiously looked up at the splendid interiors of the room.

Meanwhile, Cheryl also took a seat. She patted Jane's hand to relax her because she noticed that she looked a little nervous. Then she turned to Carla and said, "Carla, we don't want to waste your time. We know you're busy so I'll just go straight to the point. I've already told you about this matter on the phone. I hope you can think about it well.

If Jane comes here to attend school, her parents and I will pay for her school tuition. The only thing we ask of you is to help her get into the same school as Sean. It would be a huge relief for us to know that Jane could have someone in the school that she's familiar with. She and Sean could look out for each other."

Just then, Sean had just finished playing basketball and was walking inside with Sally in his arms.

When Cheryl noticed him, she grinned from ear to ear and exclaimed, "Sean, you're finally back! And wow, Sally grows really fast!" She waved to Sally, wanting to give her a hug.

But Sally shook her head and instead, held onto Sean's neck very tightly.

"Where is Terence?"

Carla asked in a low voice when she realized that only Sean and Sally came back to the house.

"He's taking a shower upstairs. He'll come down shortly,"

Sean replied in a low voice as well.

Carla nodded. The villa actually had a side gate where they could enter from the court. Perhaps, Terence had entered through that gate. That was why Carla didn't notice when he came in.

"Sean, hello..."

When she saw the young man, Jane stood up and sat down beside him. After a while, she then noticed that Sally was staring at her. Jane held out her arms and said, "Sally, how are you? Would you like a hug?"

She remembered that she and Sally used to play and have a good time back in the village.

"Jane, do you really want to marry my Uncle Sean?"

Ignoring Jane's request, Sally asked with a brisk voice while she was still in Sean's arms.

While they were on their way back from the court, she heard her father say

Besides, Jane was not his biological daughter. He was not willing to cover that amount, even if it was half of that.

Cheryl cleared her throat and turned to Sean. "Sean, we consider each other as family, right? Should we not support each other?

Jane is my niece and could be regarded as your family too. She's not a stranger to you. You can take good care of her in a lot of aspects. We will shoulder some responsibility and cover part of the costs. What do you think?"

She thought the An Family was extremely rich that they would not care about that amount of money.

Sean lowered his head and took a glance at Carla who was sitting beside him. "Auntie Cheryl, it's fine with me to take care of Jane. But I'm still a student right now and have no money of my own. My sister and brother-in-law are responsible for all my expenses. And I'm very thankful to them because of this. But I can't ask them for more."

He was just a high school student, so it was only understandable that he would be unable to help others when it came to financial concerns.

What was more, he and Jane were in their first year of high school. It was just the beginning for them to spend money on all kinds of things.

Then, Cheryl turned to look at Carla and said, "Carla, Jane is going to be Sean's wife. Don't you think investing in her education a little right now would be beneficial for their future? Please consider it."

She still believed that it was not a big deal for the An Family to sponsor a high school student since they had a lot of money.

When Carla heard Auntie Cheryl's shameless words, Carla said with a smile, "Auntie Cheryl, do you mean to say that the An Family is so wealthy that giving away such an amount of money would be nothing for them?

How about this instead? You can send your little daughter who is in grade school and your grandsons to JA City for school. And I will take care of them for you. Is that okay?"

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